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Watch the melted roads

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by AdzA, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Just a quick reminder for all the new riders like me to keep an eye out for melting tar on our roads over this summer.

    Did a ride from Wodonga to Omeo yesterday. Everything was going great nice weather and about 16-20deg.

    On the way home from Hotham rounded a 40kmh corner at 50kmh (cutting it slightly - my big mistake) I didn't notice the soft surface till too late. The bike wobbled and slide a bit, so, i decided to stand it up and wash off speed. Got it to about 20kmh before hitting the drain. Went over the side of the bike and stupidly put my arm out braking it in two spots.

    The bike faired heaps better with a broken mirror and screen and a few scratches.

    I managed to ride to Bright hospital and waited for the wife a pick me up :(

    Even after that, it was one of the best days riding i have done. The road between Hotham an Omeo is awesome :D cant wit to get the cast off and go again.

    Safe riding, AdzA

    edit: link to some pics http://adza.gameitis.com/pixelpost/
    the melted tar doesn't look mutch until you get close as shown in the pic with the boot print
  2. Ouch, i hope you heal quick bro. Yip the tar catches you out alot if you aint careful. Some roads around sydney look like they are broken up and put back together with tar, and it is often running parallel with the road, and usually in the middle of the lane which effectively cuts the lane in half. I have hit them a few times and felt the bike slide until i hit the road again. Very scary. :cry:
  3. You rode to hospital with a broken arm?! You're my new hero! :grin:

    Hope you heal up quick and get back on the road.
  4. Yeah...bloody good effort, mate...sorry it happened though.. :(
  5. [​IMG]
    :shock: I've never seen anything like it! :shock:
    Yeah - how in the world did you ride after that?? :shock:
  6. The roads are rising to kills us!! There is a spot thats gone soft at the top of a hill on my way home from work. the tar has been shifted and pushed till it has made a 10cm half round rim about the size of ahuge dinner plate (begining of a sink hole?) that you dont want to hit with a two wheeler... and this in 'cold' Tassy!?!

    So sorry you have to suffer broken bones and bits... :(
  7. thank god that doesn't happen in the suburbs or city, they should get around to fixing them out there.
  8. Cheers all for the support.

    The ride after the crash wasn't too hard. The first 30 mins was all downhill so I only had to idle down. Worst part was I couldn't use the throttle or the front brakes. Harrietville (I think) to bright I had to turn throttle with my left hand hold it with the broken right hand and then change gear. I only sat on 80kmh.

    I just got back from the surgeon and he will open me up tomorrow and put a plate in to assist my strength during recovery. All going well I should only be out of action for 6-8 weeks.

    Cheers, Adza
  9. IIRC in my brief stint of bitumening its only the cold mix bitumen that will melt at typical road temperatures like that. Most of north queenslands (and most of queensland iirc) only allow hot mix (where its melted to the road base when being put in).

    BTW congrats on the one handed ride, I'd call an ambulance, but you jus tpulled your skirt up and went on.