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Watch out Sydney !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, May 4, 2010.

  1. There are some that know the bigger story, but that has all changed due to
    the company I was going to work for in Mackay starting to renege on some of the bigger contract deals so they where politely told 'sorry but if your changing things now,I get the feeling that once I'm there you'll make more changes, so find another sucker!'

    So it was off for another round of interviews [even one in Melb !!!]
    And thats the one I sort of got ... they decided that the Melb
    position was not for me followed by a BUT we can offer you a better position??
    Seems they are opening a new dealership in Camden, which at the moment is just a completed but bare showroom/workshop etc and needs to be stocked and bought up to speed, including more staff hiring etc, before official opening in July.
    Guess who is organizing / doing the hiring then running the outlet ? :angel:

    I'm off to head office in Brisbane for the next three weeks to get up to speed on the company and their procedures.
    Then "Hello" Sydney !!
    So I guess I'll be looking into some of the local coffee nights etc very soon.
    It's also been 20 odd years since I last rode the RNP etc, so who's going to volunteer to show a nice single male around ?

    :biker: :-k :bannanabutt: :-w :bolt:

  2. Welcome (in advance) to Sydney

    I'll be happy to show you around the fabulous Southern Highlands :).
  3. Me too. Camden is just up the road. You'll have the Razorback, too.
  4. I'll add a wave and a hearty congrats!
    Can't offer to show you around anything but maybe by the time I'm fit you'll be knowledgeable enough to play tour guide for me :p
  5. Brilliant, hopefully you'll be here in time for the conclusion of this years NRL Tipping Comp ! :D

    I wasn't able to gloat last year ! . . hahaha !
  6. *cough* Age and photograph please. ;)

    Nuh just kidding mate. I'd happily show a new comer of any age/sex around...IF I had a bike... 8-[

    Camden feels a little far out from Sydney though in my eyes, so you'll definitely get to enjoy the roads getting to the meet ups at Randwick/Rouse Hill/Northern Suburbs. :)

    Oh and btw...Congrats on the job!
  7. Gratz on the job, and welcome to Sydney.. just don't go to the polluted CITY and you're fine :)

    I'll show ya around if you want, we could prob get a few together to do a smaller ride?
  8. Give us a yell when you in Brissy. Good enough reason to go out for a beer :p
  9. skip the rnp, cops in there all the time these days and the majority is a 60 zone

    go to mac pass!
  10. Welcome to Sydney, gods country at Camden but bloody far from everything, good thing is, it has some wonderful roads out that way, what is this shop going to be?
  11. Thanks guys and girls, I'll be far more active once I get back to the 'bigsmoke' too.8-[

    Goz, the company is called MidwaySales, Farm equip and small tractors/dozer's up to 65hp. All the stuff I worked on for years until I branched out to the heavy construction stuff :)
  12. oh that is sad news bob.....leaving that wonderful riding area, now where are we going to stay?:LOL:
  13. So, you've opened a Harley Davidson dealer then?
  14. Really? I find the general area a bit flat for a mornings ride.

    Welcome in advance Bob. Camden itself is a charming town if you can get set up there.
  15. Know all about it, i drive a 95hp kubota every day
  16. I though you worked at Chevy Australia Bob?
  17. Congrats on the new position and move, hopefully it's great. We just moved recently ourselves, just to be closer to family seeing now we've started a family! Sooo happy on our lil daughter :D
    http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j250/undii/cassy/may 2010/?action=view&current=cassie009.jpg

    Enjoy the big smoke, we're glad we've finally moved away from it. Inner Melbourne has too much crap to filter through to the really good stuff. I'm glad to say I'm just mere minutes from 'good' roads now =D>
  18. Haha, Camden is hardly 'big smoke', although it still does have delusions of being rural.