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Watch out, Stookie and Lil are parents!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lil, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Hamish William arrived safely Tuesday afternoon at 4.20! 8lb2oz 50.5cm long and absolutely beautiful!!! We were discharged Wednesday arvo and are all now enjoying learning about each other and settling in.

    Pics to follow...I'll let Jay put them up as it's too hard for me atm ](*,) (or they're on F8)

    My kids are my oxygen. Enjoy!
  3. Congats guys
    Oh your in for some fun ;)
  4. Congrats Lil.
  5. Congratulations lil and stookie!!
  6. Congrats Jay & Lil and welcome to the world Hamish (y)
  7. Congrats.
    I love the name Hamish, unfortunately our 3rd will be a girl...hmm. Nah cant do Hamish for a chic.

    Is this your first.

    Everyone was telling us to 'enjoy this time'

    Now I know why!!

    You'll have a ball.

  8. Congratulations Guys
  9. Well done guys, congrats!
  10. congrats, and welcome to the littlest member of the Netrider community
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  12. Good effort, well done.
  13. Congrats!
  14. =D> Glad all went to plan Lil, can be hair raising stuff :-k which admittedly would be an interesting task for Jay.:grin: Few of NR babies now. :newb: Have to racem \\:D/
  15. Congrats guys, your life is about to get a lot better.
  16. Congratulations guys - you do realise little Hamish now needs a West Highland White Terrier called Jock? :p
  17. congrats mate, here come the greys :)
  18. Woooooooooooot!!!! :woot:
  19. Here are some pics of the young lad.

    About 30min into the world

  20. And yes he has more hair than me.........! But when he hits 30. muwahahahah !

    He has lils long limbs and a tiny penis, just like his dad.
    He is already getting some character, sleeps like the dead and mumbles (just like dad)

    Ive not shown him the bike yet....might wait for now8-[