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Watch out, people are still throwing shit off foot bridges

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chrome, May 18, 2010.

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  2. My only question is…
    If you confidently identify the gutless psychopathic mongrel that does something like this, do you tell the cops or do you ensure that justice is done properly?
  3. Let justice run it's course and take action if it doesn't.
  4. i once talked to an ex cop from NZ and he said he saw something like this happen, and he had to clean the mess up at the scene. He said the rock hit the driver in the chest and killed him instantly and the truck swerved off the road narowly missing traffic. He said he had nightmares about what he saw that night..
    And the KIDS who did it were really disturbed by the results of their stupidness and it screwed their minds and they were both admitted to a Physciatric (cant spell) Ward until they were 21.

    These things can and almost always destroy more than 1 life.
  5. I can't comprehend that those who chuck large rocks (or whatever) off the bridges or walkways are surprised at the potential outcome of their stupidity!!

    My initial thoughts are that each and every bridge needs to be enclosed by heavy duty bars or wiring so that objects that may cause such accidents can't be thrown..... but why does the cotton wool society again have to be the solution??

    Maybe some road safety taught at schools (is this already done... it was in the UK).... and include scenarios of the dangers/deadly outcomes of throwing objects off bridges and onto roads etc as part of the course?

    How the heck can this activity be managed?

    Anyone know what charges and sentences (if any) have been given to previous associated crimes? (are they only crimes if someone is injured or killed??)

    I found this quote from a Senior Police Officer:
    "It is very, very dangerous,''

    ..no shit Sherlock!!.... :roll:
  6. Very scary shit.

    It's probably kids, with brains that just aren't working well enough to properly think through potential consequences.

    How to manage?
    Dunno - the frequency probably doesn't warrant fencing off all potential throwing points.
  7. Ditch the cotton wool shit. Easy solution, remove the foot bridge. If someone needs to cross the highway they can run across.

    Here's how it will work. I can't see any possible dangers for drivers in this.
  8. FROGGER!!!!! What a find!!! Thanks.

    On topic, yes, it's appalling. And spare a thought indeed for the poor emergency services personnel who have to clean up the mess.

    Application of the Board of Education to the Seat of Understanding is what is required.
  9. back when i was on my little spada i was driving down general homes drive and hit a rock that had probably been chucked off the footbridge. It nearly sent me shiny side down and I had to get my wheel replaced because the force of the hit dented my rim enough to give the bike a slow air leak. I don't know how the hell it didn't just pop... My back was killing after that hit... and I managed to stand on the footpegs before impact so absorbed most of that in the legs.
  10. Watch out, people are still throwing shit off foot bridges

    Chrome - you couldn't have put it any better. This is why I propose these f*&^%s should be thrown in shit itself, as a lesson of what NOT to do to innocent people/motorists.

    Makes me wonder what the world is getting to nowadays, not that this type of behaviour was non-existant in years gone by.....
  11. Personally, if I caught the prick I'd use the Russian example of justice and toss them from the bridge as well. Might give them half a chance by attaching a rope round their neck, only if I was feeling benevolent. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like our society is on a bumpy ride downhill?
  12. rope around the neck -- nah to nice - try a rope around the testicles
  13. I reckon we are getting better.

    Don't see many lynchings nowadays.
  14. Thank god someone thinks similarly to me.

    Op: "public violence is terrible and stupid!"

    Reply: "Too damn right it is! We'll cure it with public vigilante violence!"

    Or something to that effect.
  15. that's cause I like to work in the dark...
  16. How did these kids escape from the coal mine anyway? Better security needed.
  17. A few years ago a fairly high profile QLD public servant friend of mine was walking his dog and saw some kids doing this. After he relocated one kid's nose and renovated the other kids mouth he called the cops to take them away.

    He said to the cops, "do you want to get some info on this assault, I am ex-Navy and got carried away." Copper replied, "what assault would we be talking about?" Thanked him and took the kids away.
  18. That's justice, dcbear78 :)