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Watch out! New Rider!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Decade, May 22, 2009.

  1. OK. Got my L's, Got my Bike... but havent got all the skillz I need as a good rider.

    Ive read the forums for a while and seems the closest L's training help group is the homebush one.

    Tho i am generally more free on week nights... and I wouldnt mind it if its in additional to the sunday training as I dont think I can go all that often on a Sunday :(

    So Just wondering there are any kind samaritans out there who can still mentor a newbie rider on a weeknight?

    Would love to make some new Rider friends too!!

  2. Where you located? Sydney city?
  3. Yea Sydney Inner west suburbs
  4. im 1 of those out at homebush, we dont really teach u skills, we give people a understanding, confidence and the right way to do the MOST test, in other words, while u are riding around the MOST track, and we see you doing something wrong, we will pull u up and tell u what u are doing wrong and a way to correct it.

    in a way, it is skills training, but not what u are after i think, come out 1 sunday and judge for yourself
  5. thx goz!

    that sounds exactly what I want.

    I need more of those basic skills, etc which will help improve me ride on the roads and will pass my test too

    Yea im really wanting to come on of these sundays

    but dun think weather will allow that this week...

    Thanks in advance!
  6. guess i wont be going to any sunday training for a while as i have just had my first motorcycle accident while trying to do a few practice laps around the hood yesterday...

    hold front part is cracked with the headlights fallen in and only the high beam working... also a few scratches sustained on the bike...

    my poor baby :cry:

    any suggestions if I should go through insurance for the repairs or is there cheap repairers that can do a good job under $400?

    or... can the bike be written off?
  7. Your accident

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Are you yourself all right? That's far more important than a damaged motorbike.
  8. bummer mate, go get a quote somewhere then decide if its worth going through insurance, how did u drop it?
  9. bruise on each of my knees

    well... it was stupid... i ran into a street sign.. and it prob dropped after that...
  10. Sorry to hear that mate. But at least you're in one piece.

    Just chalk it up to experience and move on.
  11. Sorry to read about your off as I'm a new rider too

    Hope you find a good repairer & back on 2 wheels soon
  12. was looking at taking my bike to balmain motorcycle repairs to give my bike the fix.

    you guys know if they do a good job, genuine parts, etc?

    im gonna ask the repairer to fix my headlights first and replace the parts as they become available so that i can still ride during the wait.

    looks like i can make it to these sunday trainings... at least until its time to get the fix
  13. I think the title of this post says it all "Watch Out!" :eek:

    An expensive mistake but at least you can walk away from it. What kind of bike is it?
  14. ninja 250

    yea... watch out if u see any ninja 250's on the street lol
  15. Stuff the repairs, streetfighter it!
  16. LoL

    I would consider it if the headlights werent stuffed...
    so might as well get it all fixed up