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Watch out Learners in West Melbourne.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Funkmonkey, May 9, 2012.

  1. This ignorant ****er thinks its funny to tailgate learners at speed, and then lock up his brakes into an intersection. Feel free to report him to his company, i already have.
    This was down the back of laverton, riding from Williams Landing, around past the tarmac then onto Kororoit Creek Road.


    Driver was european (greek looking) cant shave for shit, has more hair on his face than his dome, and is in his 40s.
  2. PS. He shat himself when he saw the cam mounted :p
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  3. Thanks, near me, will keep an eye out. What a pr!ck.. Maybe I can find where he lives :p
  4. Gotta love the camera. Intel is our primary weapon.
  5. I absolutely 100% agree with you. I think what REALLY goes on on the roads needs to be rolled up into one neat little movie that needs to go viral.
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    Yeah I would agree with that too..
  7. I know im going to get caned again for being a whinger, but i still dont think its any good at all keeping my mouth shut about this stuff.
    Yep i agree sometimes some people do get themselves in trouble on the bike doing things they maybe shouldnt be doing or not thinking..... this was not one of those times.
    What could i have done differently? Not a lot. I pulled over after the second time he locked up behind me, let him past, and took photos. The fat ****er just laughed until he saw what i was up to.
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  9. Can you report that to the police? You obviously have his rego number.
    Or do they not respond to claims about other drivers from drivers/riders that aren't police?
  10. I know that place, they do a wicked Turbo Chilli & Garlic dip!

    MT1 is correct, that's the address :)

    Edit: it's on the truck anyway...

    If they're unwilling to do anything when there has actually been an accident, I don't think there's much hope there.
  11. Funky I was one of those who "caned" you for the whinging but I got no drama's with naming and shaming these crunts. Still not sure where I sit with these new damfangled camera's but as long as we don't put ourselves at risk to get "that great shot" then they are a very useful tool.
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  12. So does that mean you have it on video?
  13. Did you ring the company and talk to his boss?

    I have no issue with this guy losing his job.. for dangerous and idiotic driving.
    People like that deserve to have their ass handed to them... think its funny to intimidate drivers?

    keep laughing all the way to centrelink when you have to go on the dole.
  14. I was a fleet manager for a while, and I got the occasional call from the public, since our tucks had signage.

    It wasn't hard to find out which truck was in the area on the day, and I would speak to the driver when they got back to the depot.

    If they have a history of road rage etc, the company needs to know, so they can give the driver a warning, and get them off the road, if need be.
  15. They rarely respond to thefts in progress, they couldnt give two hoots about a motorcyclist getting tailgated. More than likely ill be told its my fault and i should get out of the way of the truck.
  16. Thanks Nobby. Sometimes i say too much which is why ive been staying off the forums of late.
    PEEAir, nope, nothing on film couldnt get it going in time, only good enough for a couple of snapshots.
    Mikey yep, rang his boss, told him i have his photo and its going on motorcyclist forums as a dangerous driver. Also made mention that WHEN not IF he does that crap to the WRONG biker, hes likely to get pulled out of said truck and er be kindly informed the error of his ways. They said they will have a word with him.
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  17. And do what?

    Too bad it wasn't recording.

    Same thing, less offensive: Driver was Southern European/Mediterranean in appearance, had facial hair, was bald and looked to be in his 40s. I find it helps if you want people to give a ****.
  18. Ditto .......
  19. What did the boss say to that?
  20. Maybe next time he will tailgate a Hells Angel or Comanchero!