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Watch out for wildlife!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by typhoon, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. The drought has forced animals to the coast and closer to population than they would normally like to be. We have dead roos about every kilometre where I live.
    I hit a crow yesterday, it was feeding on a dead roo. So don't even assume a dead roo can't get you in trouble!

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. bloody 'ell. that musta given u one helluva shock!!
  3. My jeans will never be the same.... :shock:
    Luckily, the screen deflected the bird away over my shoulder I think, it didn't touch me at all. I didn't pay any attention to the roo carcass, it was dead after all and just off to the side of the road. Then something big and black came at me!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Crikeys Andrew youre lucky it hit the screen albeit bad timing but at least YOUR okay.
  5. I would agree, you are very lucky indeed :)
  6. How fast were you going mate? Did the bird hit you head on? or did you sideswipe it?
    Bad luck about the screen :(
  7. Bugger.
    When flipper and i were coming back from shepperton on sunday, she got swooped by some cockatoo's then a couple of km later she got swooped by a rosella... which was so close i think she could tell if it was male or female. :p
    Then there wer also the wombats and echidnas which were on the side of the road luckily.
  8. I was doing 100 km/h. The bike didn't really get too unsettled by teh impact, I think because the screen was old and had quite a few small crazes in it, it just disintegrated and took a lot of the impact out of it.
    Mind you, having a big heavy bike helped a lot too. The GTR is a brick.
    The bird came across the path of the bike, sort of climbing as it did, so luckily it had velocity in a direction to send it away from me.
    I am annoyed about losing the screen, but it was old, and I had been thinking about replacing it!
    Maybe a nice thick Lexan one......

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I hate crows. You are very lucky it didn't hit you. On our trip fortunately the only score was one grey bird possibly top knot pigeon which Husband killed. Near misses included two dogs, several cockatoo's, a large and angry goanna (which I missed by "that much". I think he was cross at being awoken by so many noisy Ducatis and came out to tell me so) a large and stuid sheep which leapt out of a bush on the side of the road and directly into my path and an even larger and more stupid Black Angus cow and an idiot commodore driver (I don't suppose that counts as wildlife). Strangely we didn't see one Roo - apart from dead ones. But please do be careful everyone - apart from roos, wombats, etc there is a lot of stock movement whilst the farmers take advantage of what feed is available in the long paddock. If you see a "cattle or sheep ahead sign" on the road, take heed. My cow wasn't in this category - he was a lone cow.
  10. sweet god... you got off light. When I was living in launceston in tas we did a similar thing in my friends skyline... the beak went through the radiator and the car went nuklear.... sufficed to say I'm glad it didnt cause a crash. We cant really afford for too many netriders to get hurt.
  11. Birds take off into the wind...just like airplanes. So you *might* be able to work out which way they are going to go.
  12. Glad you survived that crow business. Nasty stuff!

    Rooboy recently had incident with a roo - stands to reason, really. Mounted on his brand new (not even run in) CBR600 when a grey came at him from the roadside. Bike went from new to having the front indicator wiped off, complete with a nice chunk out of the fairing. Minor stuff, really, for a roo interface - and happily rooboy is fine, no injuries, bike stayed upright.

    Nearly met a cow out of Loebthal once on my Ducati. The other surprisingly common (and weird one) is snakes. Chasing my brother through the Adelaide hills in our Ducati days, on one ride I had THREE black snakes flicked up at me by his rear tyre. Having a decent sized snake coming at you at around head height at 100+ kays is pretty startling!

    No doubt more of a shock for the snake, though...

  13. Charles 'Bud' Tingwell in The Craic: "Farkin' crows!

    I was driving back from the 'gong last night, left hand lane going up Mt Ousley [in the Hilux] and RIGHT next to the road was a deer and a baby deer eating grass - right on the shoulder.
    Didn't see them until I was almost level with them.

    I'd like to think that if they'dactually been on the road my headlights would have lit them up a lot earlier, but... I was pretty tired. Glad they were more hungry than they were cold and didn't feel like being on the nice, warm, black road :shock:
  14. I reckomend putting sonic whistles on your bikes. First thing I added to mine when I got her home. cost uder $5 at autobarn, repco, even big W sell'em. A must for up my way., and beleive me THEY WORK!!!
  15. Such a classic movie, except when I say "You know, dancin'" no one knows what the hell I'm on about. Poor uneducated masses.

    As for the crow issue, that's what you get for living in Wamboin. :p Friend of a friend who lives out there told me that she destroyed her old car cause she hit 3 in one night on the way home.
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