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Watch out for those dodgy dudes carting insulation around

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bonk, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. I was driving on Old Windsor Rd in Sydney the other day, when a rented truck carrying wrapped insulation batts, raised one in order to announce to the traffic behind that it's load was not properly secured, and perhaps evasive action would soon be necessary.

    The batt arched over the rear cage of the truck-cum-ute, screaming "FREEEEDOM!" as it went, to land on it's end before toppling flat, widthways in the right hand lane.

    A dark blue Volvo S40 travelling in that lane failed to stop, launch a warning flare or evade the batt, and took the impact on the front left fender.
    The wrapping was split open with a hollow puncture noise, and a gaping hole was visible from the impact, in which you could see the grotesque display of it's cotton and fibreglass guts.

    I had to look away. It was too horrible.

    The force of the impact punted this fibrous carnage betwixt the lanes making it much easier for other traffic to avoid it.

    I pulled alongside the truck, and tooted my horn 93 times, informing them in Morse Code that they had lost one of their insulation batts from their truck during transit.
    Apparently insulation installers are not fluent in Morse Code so I then tried yelling "YA LOST ONE!" out the window, and indicated to the rear of both our vehicles with a backwards thumb.

    The tattooed gentleman in the passenger seat nodded wisely to me, acknowledging thanks for this piece of vital information - while the truck continued to trundle along.

    It did not stop to retrieve the lost batt.
    It did not stop to ensure the security of the remaining items in the back.
    It did not go back to clear the roadway of debris it had dropped.
    It did not appear to be operated by any human individual currently giving a shit about anything/anyone at that point in time.

    So beware the dodgy insulation dudes, my friends. For what they carry is large and not particularly aerodynamic.
    You would do wise to stay away from these trucks, unless you are confident your motorcycle and gear can withstand a batt as well as the bumper and left headlight of a dark blue Volvo - for they are out there...

    ...patrolling the roads...

    ...unhindered by care...

    ...or professionalism.

  2. Nice writing dude.

    I've heard of a few wandering around, door knocking and letting little old pensioners know that 'we are here as part of a government initiative installation offer a subsidised insulation blah blah blah'

    Probably the same blokes :)
  3. Get bloke's plates? Especially if the volvo copped a bit of damage, i know what it's like to have a vehicle damaged by someone elses lazyness/stupidity. :furious:
  4. The price of Freedom, tragedy, my thoughts are with the Batt's family and friends...
  5. Ah yes, those wacky delivery guys again. I hear they are cousins of the feed trough men I saw in Bacchus Marsh inspecting the back of their truck and scratching their heads as to where one of their troughs had gone.

    I almost stopped to tell them that the sheep in the field were confused as to why their dinner set was in the middle of the Highway... but I didn't.
  6. You're so articulate Bonk. The soul of a skilled wordsmith went into that post.

    Also, I seem to recall seeing some pink debris scattered along old windsor rd on the way home today. Now I know why.
  7. What's your problem??

    Even Pink Batt's have a right to be free despite questions of their sexuality :rofl:
  8. Criminals is what they are and the Gov is to blame, they throw money out and get all the bodgey brothers coming out in droves, my mum got hers done by 2 bodgey brothers and the wanks split the batts in half (make 1 batt into 2) so the batts where paper thin
  9. Yeah, that's why it's so cheap...
  10. haha nice story telling. Very reminiscent of an old thread about laser eye surgery.
  11. I for one am disgusted by the current policy regarding batts; I think they should all be allowed in, whatever the security risks involved, and should be allowed to settle in this great country without regard as to whether or not they are taking the jobs of locally-manufactured batts, and should be allowed to scatter themselves across any road they choose, without prejudicial publicity such as this post.
  12. +1

    I have batts hiding in my ceiling cavity from the seething masses who wish to do them harm. One is even working on a diary of it's experiences. :?
  13. my batts are yellow. I think they're sick.
  14. Call the government and get the inspectors that are insuring compliance for the rebate around. The company will get fined up the wazoo, probably most of their jobs are the same, their other jobs will get inspected if yours is inadequate, and they'll be put out of business unless they want to redo every single job.

    You'll be able to get the job redone by a legitimate operator.
  15. They'll send the Caped Crusader around to sort it out.
  16. <<<groan>>>
  17. It should be included as a competency to obtain your licence. It took me quite some time to communicate a) to the driver in the right hand lane to get out of the bloody way so that I could pull up alongside the station wagon towing a box trailer, and b) to the driver of said station wagon that the door to said box trailer was open and that his trolley was grinding along the road sending sparks flying, and was in immediate danger of becoming an obstacle.

    I suppose headlights flashing and horn sounding is statistically more likely to be someone on drugs rather than a considerate road user.
  18. Quiet, you.

  19. this made me laugh :) :)

    also reminds me of the day I followed an uncovered trailer to the dump and cactii were falling out left, right, and center. my poor little laser was dodging all over the place to avoid the spiky fiends.