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Watch out for them parked cars!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Justin Stacks, Jun 23, 2013.

  2. fcuk that is one lucky rider glad he could walk away
  3. wow, that could of been far worse...
  4. Yeh, just a small fault in his roadcraft there...
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  5. You see, that's why I always say on this forum that too many roads have double white lines down the middle. If it was a broken line, he could have overtaken/filtered on the offside.

    Although he wasn't riding that well, he likely would have just crashed into something else.
  6. A Richard Cranium
  7. Ouch. Why is no one picking the poor bike up?
  8. He has about the same respect for his bike as he has for others property and safety.
  9. I'd be more concerned about the car sitting in the middle of the road. That guys almost cleans up a car when he opens his door too
  10. Although it was poor riding by the biker and he was going up the nearside lane at too high a speed differential (which could attract a careless driving charge), a person opening a car door is obligated to check for traffic first. The entire incident, while avoidable by the biker, could end up with blame apportioned 100% to the car driver who opened the door.
  11. And that's why you don't filter down the inside.
    *Deactivates Captain Obvious mode*
  12. If you are in Australia, with the overload of double white lines even on roads where they are not needed, you may have no choice but to filter down the inside if you want to filter and do it legally. If you check every single vehicle for occupants and check every single vehicle for pedestrians stepping out (which tbh is quite a high workload to maintain), then it should not be dangerous.

    Of course a simpler solution would be to not have so many double white lines down the middle of the road even where they aren't needed, so that you could legally filter on the offside.
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