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Watch out for the second idiot

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I've gone weeks in my daily commute without any significant incidents. Yesterday arvo that all changed. I must have had half a dozen incidents on the way home.

    Two of these were particularly significant.

    The first involved me being in the middle of avoiding some tool that had pulled out on me, when a 2nd idiot put me in serious danger. (I now have a definitive example of how a horn can save your life where nothing else could have been done).

    The second incident involve me avoiding one idiot, when a second did something much more dangerous and then a third idiot really buggered me. It left me in a position where I had to pull off a really risky maneuver to prevent an accident.

    Now before you start about me taking responsibility for myself, well I did that, as I made it home in one piece.

    I'm just pointing out to people not to get blase about your ability to avoid trouble. If you are in the process of evasive maneuver you should be aware that your ability to deal with an escalation is very limited.

    So take even small incidents seriously guys. You never know what's going to happen next.
  2. I know what you mean. I take the motorway to work and avoiding one car can put you very close to a worse driver... Like when I had to swerve to miss a car trying to change lanes into me to end up next a woman that had a towel drapped over the drivers window, so she couldn't see ANYTHING to her right.
  3. Agree 100%.

    Which is why it's important to not only have a fully formed Plan B, but also at least an outline Plan C available at all times.

    Glad you made it home OK.

    Towel over a side window is very common here in WA.
  4. +1

    Spot on the money, there's plenty of times i've been in sticky situations and thought to myself shit, i had an exit strategy for that but what if this happened....

    It really is like a game of chess....
  5. we have tinted windows now :roll:
  6. That's why I'm always nagging at people to forget waving their arms and gesticulating to a cager for doing something dangerous to them...In this case...you might not have seen the "second idiot".
    Good on you for keeping your head in the game all the way through it, and getting home, eh. :)

  7. You mean there is more than one of them? :shock: :LOL:
    Seriously, Well done for keeping your head focused.
  8. exactly my thoughts :)
  9. Agreed. They're not worth the time of day let alone the distraction.
  10. Stuff that, I'd pop a mono, chase after the guy then start banging on his window motioning him to pull over. :LOL:

    jks, jks, nobody's perfect, sometimes a bit of gesticulating does feel very justified :wink:

    and sorry bout the low blow, it was just toooo funny to pass up! :rofl:
  11. would you mind outlining exactly what happened?
    just curious to hear how stupid some people can be :)
  12. Bit complicated so I drew some pictures to help.

    The first has me approaching an intersection where I normally turn left.


    Idiot 1 then pulls out on me.


    I'm now watching him like a hawk, becasue if he's going straight it's not too bad, but if he's turning left (as I expect) I have to brake significantly harder than normal going into that corner.


    Now idiot 2 decides to turn also. I'm left with no choice but to get as far left as I can and get on the horn.

    Situation 2 is a little easier to describe.

    I take off briskly form the lights, creating my own space. As I get to around the speed limit, idiot 1 reverses out of a driveway. This is only slightly alarming, if he goes straight, but often cars in this area like to get into the middle and right lanes to turn right up the road. So I'm watching he very closely.


    I decide he's aware of his surroundings and his wheels are straight and I'm fairly sure he looked straight at me, so I stop washing off speed.


    Now his mate pull out of the same driveway. Except he doesn't reverse into the first lane, he reverses into my lane. and he's done so after I've gone past the limit for emergency braking (well it would have been borderline).

    I don't panic because I've got a third lane . Right? Wrong.


    Apparently me taking off briskly from the lights was an insult to the manhood of the Prado driver in the right lane (as if we don't know the true story). He was in the process of a looser fly-by.

    A head check revealed his presence, but by this point I had no chance of braking in time to miss idiot 2.

    Now I admit idiot 3 (above) is the most innocent here and that I should have been aware of him before this, but I was a little pre-occupied by idiots one and two up to this point in time.


    Thankfully idiot 2 did the right this and accelerated and stayed in his lane.

    This gave me time and an escape route.
  13. Thanks for the writeup, ibast.

    I've been in the car as a passenger with a proverbial "third idiot" doing the driving. We were on a 2-lane-each-way freeway, slowly catching up to an oil tanker in the left lane which was moving at a little under the speed limit. Just as we started to slowly overtake at the speed limit in the right hand lane, the freeway begins to descend down a slope....

    .... and the truck begins emergency braking and indicating right to change lanes, because there's a car in its lane moving at 70-80kph.

    Its tyres lock up. Still indicating that it wants our lane, but we're in line with the rear wheels of the trailer, blocking it.

    And my friend just happily sits there at the speed limit, totally oblivious to the fact that if he doesn't make room for this semi-rig to take evasive action, the semi is going to shunt the other car from behind about five seconds from now.

    "Matt, slow down. Make room for the truck."
    "Why? I'm sick and tired of trucks pushing in like they own the road!"
    "It's going to hit that car if you don't make room!"
    ".... what car?"
    "The one doing 50 in the left lane!"

    (Fortunately by this point the truck had finally matched speeds with the car in front of it, with less than a metre to spare.)

    Long story short: Don't expect the third idiot to help you out of a tricky situation. :? Even once we were clear of the incident, my friend didn't feel it was his duty to help the truck avoid an accident, because the truck "should have begun braking earlier". :roll:

    On the flipside: Advanced traffic-reading/roadcraft: If you see two or more vehicles about to have an accident, don't block their escape routes!