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Watch out for the Peloton

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Zim, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Got myself into a serious situation last weekend,all my fault entirely.So I am doing a lap of The Old Rd,its Sunday,weathers great,bike is going well.Heading toward The Pie in the Sky I see a tight bunch of pus hikes,maybe 10 or 15 followed by 2 cars.
    My first thought is buggar,this will stuff my run down the hill.
    Then the 2 cars pull into The Pie and I think great I will be able to pass this tight bunch on the reasonably long downhill straight after a couple of corners.Thats the plan.I know the road well and have donkeys years of experience so expect no drama.
    Get to the straight with broken lines and 2 lanes heading the other way and out I pull expecting still to see a tight scrum maybe 2 or 3 car lengths long.I accelerate hard to get the pass over quick,the bike isn't the fastest out there but I expect it to get past,that is till I see this tight bunch has become much longer,the leaders has taken off easily doing 70 to 80ks and still 2 wide but now maybe 10 car lengths from front to back.
    I am also doing 80 and maybe a bit more still over the doubles and fast approaching a blind 35k left hander.O shit this isn't good.
    I find a gap and tuck in before the bend,luckily its big enough and not closing up.
    I am far from those who pull closing gap overtakes usually but this surprised me one hell of a lot.My first expedience with a downhill fast moving Pelolon and it will be my last.
    If it had been on the flat or uphill it would be been easy,or 1 or 2 bikes.Live and learn,there are lots more pushys around these days,I should have taken a hint as to how serious this bunch looked.I will defiantly next time.

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  2. Seen a similar thing on Mona vale rd -everyone better get used to them...shit me to tears (sorry road sharing blah blah blah I know) and these groups are getting up to tour de old pac size...it is also brown duds time when they are four abreast coming at you on your side of the road and on a blind corner -and everyone tells me I'm the one with the death wish...sheesh:sour:
    Glad that you came out of the pack intact- you didn't have a camera dude riding pillion did you???;)
    - that'll be the next piece of crap to deal with on the old pac with the 'cyclists'
  3. Just another challenge for real world riders I guess, but I admit I'm not a fan of the groups that pull out four, five or more wide across both lane directions on the straight bits.
  4. You're right OldmaidOldmaid I've noticed the pack is getting more assertive on Mona Vale road recently. I had one guy pull out in front of me the other day with no head check or signal - just straight across two lanes, from the track at the side into lane 2. Not clever when I'm in 2 tonnes of big ass motor doing 80KMS 20 metres away.

    The cyclist was, predictably, outraged that I'd impacted his personal best timing.
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  5. the number of cyclist injuries (and really serious ones at that) are on the rise as well but is kept pretty quiet because of the City of Sydney push to make Sydney into one of those glorious EU cities full of pushbike riders! Nice on paper but in reality...
    Stockholm or Copenhagen we aint! Ikke sant?
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  6. Yes the Peleton will always spread out downhill. There are the specialist descenders that are very quick. A group that large should not be without escort vehicles and preferably closed roads. Good reminder Zim.
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  7. Is it not law for cyclists to be no more than 2 abreast? Happy to be corrected there*
    I'm all up for cyclists doing their thing and do my best to keep them safe when on the same strip of road, but if you're not capable of doing near the speed limit, don't cover any more of the lane than you actually need, especially if you're in a high speed zone, you're almost asking to be hit.. I had one pass up the left side of me the other day while I was entering a round-a-bout (from a stop) and he then darts across the front of me to turn right... then abuses me for almost hitting him...
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  8. Heh. I sat behind a few for a bit going down mac pass just to watch. They kept an ok pace.
  9. Some road rules apply specifically to bicycle riders. For example, bicycle riders are allowed to:
    • Ride two abreast, no more than 1.5 m apart
    • Overtake on the left hand side of stopped or slow moving vehicles
    • Travel in Bus Lanes and Transit Lanes
    • Ride on the footpath if less than 12 years old
    • Ride on the footpath if you are an adult riding with, and supervising, an under 12 year old
    • Ride on the footpath if you are carrying a person under 10 years old as a passenger on your bicycle or in or on a bicycle trailer you are towing - not a pedicab
    • Turn right from the left hand lane of a multi-lane roundabout with the proviso that you give way to traffic exiting the roundabout before you
    • Travel on road shoulders.

    Bicycle riders cannot:
    • Ride across unsignalised pedestrian crossings
    • Ride across signalised crossings unless there are special bicycle lights
    • Travel in Bus Only Lanes.
    As a bicycle rider always make sure you:
    • Give way to motorists and pedestrians when they have right of way.
    • Cycle about a metre away from the kerb to avoid debris and from parked cars to avoid opening doors.
    • Let people know your intentions by using hand signals when turning or changing lanes.
    • Remember, eye contact with other road users is important to signal clear intention.
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  10. I wept tears of blood and muttered invectives in a multitude of languages going down McCarr's Creek rd on Saturday and I was actually in the baru this time.
    Seriously it was absolutely beyond ridiculous and basically most riders didn't give a flying frig about any road rules. My eyeballs are scarred from having to watch a set of lycra-clad, logo-sprayed butt-cheeks pumping up and down in my face going up hill in the middle to right of the lane in front of me. I couldn't get around him because there were riders 5 abreast in a pack of 20 or so going the other way! Then when I got to a section where I could get around he took off like a startled rat! SOB.:banghead:
    There really will be a horrendous pile up down there with hundreds of bike riders wobbling around and then doing the Cadel Sprint to get their coffee at the bottom at Church Point.
    I can only avoid so much and second think a pack of fools so much...they don't look and don't seem to care either! The only hand signal I ever see from most cyclists is the middle finger:devil:
  11. Just treat them like you would wildlife or farm animals - patient and purposeful - and everyone will live longer.
  12. I did, no animal or 'mamil' were injured but a little bit of road respect in return would have been appreciated given the road conditions and the high chance of them getting cleaned up like skittles.
    Really were very high numbers on the road. Outside of a triathlon, I have never seen so many and nearly always spread across the road like loose thoughts from a madman!:mad:
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  13. What we need to remember is no mirrors on pushys but if the ear buds are out they should be able to hear you.There was a couple killed at both locations not so long ago.And after my being hung out to dry heading down from The Pie I can see why.Don't expect an easy pass especially downhill and watch out for more than one at a time.I expect we need to share these fun roads,nobody wins when anyone goes down
  14. Is there any good reason for pedalists not to have mirrors? The added weight wouldn't be an issue judging by the BMI average I see going up McCarrs.
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  15. What cyclists need to remember is that they are the most vulnerable user on the road and to respect that rather than abuse that. They try and assert themselves, it can go messy when the assertee won't have a bar of it.
  16. I came across a couple of them up here on the Gold Coast hinterland around the Springbrook - Pine creek road area. On the downhill section on Pine creek rd, I passed the first one, but this other pushy rider was absolutely fanging, and through a series of bends. I had to sit behind him as he was drifting a bit wide and I swear he was elbow down and knee dropped! It wasn't until it straightend out a bit that I could pass.
  17. there used to be allot around my area
    not so many now
  18. BTW mr pumping butt-cheeks looked over his shoulder at me several times...so he was well aware of me:devil:
  19. This is where I have those 'moments' .... think it, don't do it... I do like bowling... :wtf:
    This is also where I think the law makers really should pull their thumbs out and get onto these 'packs' before someone with a few tonne at their foot does.. Not only is it dangerous, it's bound to egg on the wrong people some day.

    Again, take only what you need, not what you want... consider the fact that it would only take you a few seconds to adjust your position to the far left and allow someone capable of moving a lot quicker to pass, instead of giving them time to get annoyed, drift off into thought and next thing you know, you've been forgotten and possibly hit...

    Been bowling lately?

    ** +10 on the mirror thing, it would do nothing but give the cyclist a better chance of keeping their tail out of problem situations... and perhaps a little more responsibility... :angelic:
  20. Yeah but... respect's not what you would expect from a marsupial or a sheep is it? I mean treat them EXACTLY like a recalcitrant animal - you don't try to reason with them and you can't predict them, so don't get annoyed and just be glad you're not driving a car. They are just one more challenge in a riders day.
    My blood pressure has been much better since I learned that.
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