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Watch out for Dave, and Steve and Al and...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, Mar 19, 2010.

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    The difference between ad makers overseas and the ones that we have here can be summed up by this video...


  2. Now that's what the TAC should be doing not the scare campaign crap they do to us
  3. i still like the naked 1 better :)
  4. That's a good ad.
  5. Been posted before, but, yeah, it is a good ad.
  6. I've thought about the personal aspect of safety a lot. If I have my visor open, do people see a person behind the gear and helmet, and think twice before turning me into a fine paste?
  7. It's amazing how much eye contact can affect people.

    Try throwing the next one a death stare and watch them squirm.
  8. This "facial recognition" thing is fascinating. I was brought up on the "make eye contact" mantra and it does seem to work but not all the time. Some people are just so thick that it doesn't seem to matter; they make eye contact and then carve you up anyway.

    But the Japanese manufacturers did some research a while ago (please don't ask me for the source) and the conclusion they came up with was that there was a definite correlation between the appearance of the BIKE and whether people SAW it or not. Bear with me here, OK?

    They found that, if they gave the bike a human-looking front end, headlights for eyes, air intake for nose, etc, people noticed it far more and identified more with it. I'm not making this up.

    Thus we have a lot of bikes now that have that anthropomorphic front end. Whether it has achieved anything I don't know, but the researchers certainly felt that the results were well worth incorporating into their designs.
  9. I disagree, its not a good ad. Its not memorable at all.

    Id love to see a guy in tears at a motorcyclist's funeral, talking to the victims kids: "im so sorry, i just didnt see you mate"

    BTW: any chance of lobbying the Minister Of Respect re anti motorcycle ads?
  10. http://bikerpunks.com/mediaviewer/2456/yamaha-motorcycles-documentary.html

    Not sure if this is where you saw it, but there is a part where the guy talks about designing the bike with animalistic features. ;)
  11. That makes a lot of sense to me. Our image processing centres are designed to pick up and be more sensitive to certain patterns and shapes, just like our ears are more sensitive to the human speech frequency range. Faces are one of the shapes that we are more sensitive to.
    What we perceive and what our eyes pick up is significantly different. For example our brain high accentuates straight lines and borders, which makes objects much more visible.
    I study biomedical science at uni... hence the science talk.
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    that ad makes too much sense and actually portrays riders as people. not the hoon, idiotic, law breaking fools the press like to show us as.

    never get done here, the media blows 99% in australia.

    it's like this promotional clip done by the UK police (where above ad is from ) showing how they've deployed a hayabusa on the road. the policeman rider is interviewed and talks to other riders to show how he's out there, yes enforcing the law, but is also an approachable, likeable and friendly law officer. not like 90% of the police out here i've come in contact with ( "you will respect my authority" - thanks cartman )...

  13. This may be the case, but don't kid yourself it's because a "face" makes the bike more likeable. Humans are hard wired to stay out of the way of any big thing with two large, forward facing eyes, because those are, generally, attributes of things that like to eat little monkeys for dinner :grin:.
  14. It isn't a question of making it more "likeable". I didn't say that The research suggests that people NOTICE it better.