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Watch Gilligan or ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. you know guys when you are a 9-5, mon to fri worker, all your entertainment eggs fall on saturday or sunday, especially if you are a parent.

    we are not the type of people that if there is a tiny patch of cloud in the sky.....resort to watching reruns of gilligans island to play it safe!

    so we got forecast of sat with thunderstorm warning 95% rain, or sun with possibility of shower of 2. we chose sunday......

    we got fog so strong that headlights look like candles as they approach you, streaming water and mud along the hairpins in the mount lofty region, rain and wind.

    when we finished the ride, our glissening crusiers looked like we followed a cattle truck with all the animals suffering from gastro!!! sh1t everywhere. i couldnt see chrome on my exhausts they were light brown sh1t colour.....

    if i had a crystal ball and knew what was gonna happen, watching gilligan would have been a close call......maybe toss of a coin?

    sorry for the whinge....
  2. And your problem is ? :)

  3. no problem at all. the vision of the fog obscured tree tops near cleland, negotiationg 25kph hairpins, was haunting, and can only be done on a day like that.

    i think the gilligan option was gonna be a very distant second.....
  4. If I've been planning to go for a ride for a few days then I go for a ride regardless of the weather. The only time I toss the coin is if it's a spur of the moment thought, but often the coin lands on the "go for a ride" side.
  5. ^^^ double headed coin huh, I have one of them.
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