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Wasup netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Monster_B, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. hi, names Brian and ive been on the forums for while and finally decided to make an account to join in the netrider community. Ive had my learners for a month and hopefully ill have a bike real soon :grin:

  2. Welcome mate :dance:
    Youll already know its a mad house here.
    What bike are you after?
  3. hiya , well originally i was gona get a hyoGT250r but then ive decided to look around for a cbr250rr instead
  4. heh, every newb wants a cbr250rrrrrrrrrr
    sit on lots mate, and go for the one that feels the most comfy.
    especially when you are comparing the hyo to the rr ;)

    read lots, sit on lots, and you'll find something appropriate.

    welcome to netrider :)
  5. well after sitting on a few bikes including the hyo , the hyo does feel alot more comfy compared to the cbr but in the end im still gona go with the cbr since i plan on spending round 4-5ish k for first bike
  6. confort makes you smooth, smooth makes you fast.
    im not telling you to go either way, but you'd get a nice hyo for 4-5k, and a whole lot newer ;)
  7. well thanks for the tip mate , ;) ill keep that in mind maybe ill get lucky :LOL:
  8. God gave men 2 brains but only enough blood to run one at a time!
  9. The CBR250RR... the penultimate triumph of form over function (the ultimate verison being of course the CBR125RR) :LOL:

    Oh... and hi :)
  10. Welcome MonsterB, where abouts are you from?

    Rumour has it that LAMS for Victoria will be announced at the Bike Expo this year, so 250cc prices will plummet.

    If it does get announced, I wouldn't be spending too much on a 250cc :wink:
  11. It still doesnt mean it will come into being straight away. (unfortunately)
    260's will still be the max for 12 months. IMHO :)
  12. Yep, it will probably be at least mid 2008 before it would be introduced.

    I wouldn't want to spend too much now and lose out big time in a year though :?
  13. dont worry monster_b, she's always that friendly :p :p :p
  14. The CBR is not a good learner's bike. They're awesome for hard twisties riding and racetracks, but slow speed work like you do around town is extra difficult. Still, you're not the first to want the fooli sikkest hellza fastest L bike you can get, and you won't be the last.
  15. yulleh!
  16. @ cruisingal im in melb located in the southeastern suburbs

    @ loz so the cbr is that difficult to maneuver around at slow speeds compared to other bikes?

    whens the bike expo happenin guys?
  17. Hey Monster, welcome.. Fill in your location details in your profile.. :grin:

    Then go get yourself a decent 250 that hasnt had the date belted out if it..

    And finally the expo is in October and there will be an NR stand there i am sure with our resident nut Vic at the helm..
  18. kool thnks for the info Blue14 :)

    i hope i find one soon after i get my tax return back
  19. Welcome Monster_B

    _Joel_ not every Newb wants a cbr250rrrrrrrrrrr i'm after something that's right for me and not the majority/minority.