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Wasting Time

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Kraven, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Does anyone ever think that they are just wasting their lives being on the internet and on forums so much???

    I mean as soon as i get home from work/uni i get on the net and from about 6:00 to after midnight i'm on and off the net either posting on forums or chatting, i've even stopped watching tv as much because i'm on the net instead.

    Going out someplace always takes preference to being on the computer but i hardly ever leave my room anymore after 6:00 on a monday, tuesday or wednesday night..

    ..Mabye i should start a hobby or something :?

    And YES i know that it is ironic that i am asking the question "am i spending to much time on forums"..on a forum!
  2. What's wrong with that? Have you looked at the demeaning garbage that passes for televison programming of late?

    Here you can have a technical discussion, a joke, discuss your private life, MAKE UP a private life, or have an argument with someone, and although the nicks and descriptions might be a bit misleading, they are real people.

    Seems like a win to me; real people vs badly presented fantasy? I'll take the real people every time......
  3. yes, you're a loser!! :grin:

    dont mind me, i'm just whoring as usual :oops:
  4. It just feels like i am doing nothing besides posting on forums all day

    :( :( :( :(
    ..I had a dream about posting on netrider the other day :oops: and it worried me a bit that mabye i was becoming obsessed with foruming and it's just been on my mind ever since.
  5. You could always just impose a time limit for yourself on the net and mix in other activities. Such as exercising/sport/riding!!/socialising/reading. There's lots to do in life :)
  6. Use your time productively. Me, I download p0rn whilst I potter about on the forums. Because you know, you can never have too much.
  7. Mate, I'm on the internet all day at work, come home & its the
    same shit :rofl:

    Either that or I'll be out pimpin. Wonder which option my wife prefers :grin:

    Then again, I'm not your age & have different circumstances..
    so U should be ashamed of yourself. U should be out there
    pimpin & havin fun.. U only gonna be young once bruz :wink:

    Up to U at the end of the day. If its what U like, then keep doin

    Forgot to remove mine last time I brought my PC to the repair shop.
    Fella asked if I didnt mind that he burnt himself a DVD of my shit :LOL:

    Got him to burn me a copy so I could empty the drive :dance:
  8. can u send me a copy kish? :wink:
  9. the internet is more of an addictive 'substance' than people (yet) give it credit for. it starts off as a hobby, you do it a few times a day, and it becomes a habbit. check in the morning before work, check before breakfast.. end up sitting on the net putting off breakfast for an hour (more?) because you want to check that other thing :shock: sound familiar to anyone else? hmmmm i am a fair net addict.

    screw TV i might watch 1/2 hour a day at most, though i do like an evening dvd before bed. (watched lord of war last night v. good, go see it.)

    but then i'm not like some people (eswen) with 6 gajillion posts to my name, all at the age of 18. that's just disturbed. go for a walk. now. :p
  10. Mate.. I have a DVD folder full bro & on PC how holding 10G :cool:

    I let my cousin borrow the folder few mths ago & have only just
    managed to get the shit back off him again :LOL:

    U'll have to come around one time or I burn U coupla CD's &
    give em to ya or mail em :)
  11. Even have TV hooked up to PC as well now :LOL:
    Tho I really only use it to watch the news & ACA
  12. Internet or TV?

    At least I can choose what sh!t to look at on here.
  13. TV bro.. I get the normal channels on PC only
  14. PC is interactive... TV isnt...

    I have whats known as forumitus (Cyberaddiction / Internet Addictive Disorder.)
  15. I am definitely addicted...nothing much on TV and my husband always has the remote control :furious:
  16. i second that notion lol
    never have enough :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. coconuts.. ur not a whore till u crack 4500 posts in less than 5 months...

    spend a few hours eachnight posting away to any new thread that pops up and you soon loose track of time..

    i havnt sat n watched tv in yrs! would be nearly 4 yrs i reckon.. as i got tired of the bullshit police doctors lawyers and hospital shows on every channel every night...

    wheres the politically incoorect comedies the abuse the tits n ass the good old fashioned sticking shit at some one styled tv shows...
  18. dun worry Kraven bud, this is where i come to waste away my time :) but once the gf gets back from Korea i'l be wasting my time away in the bedroom :LOL: :LOL: :p
    yeh i think u need something else in ur life bro :wink:
    u need a hand at all? Troy might be good at helping u :LOL: :LOL:
  19. I have Mrs Palmer and her five daughters helping me with that already ;) , but thanks for asking :)
  20. Too right! Have you checked out The Ronnie Johns Show (that show definitely meets your criteria!), Shameless, and Little Britain (both abc) always manage to make me smile. But that's my whole weeks tv viewing right there.