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wasting money

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MrWasabi, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Today i was shopping for a new jacket... ive bought everything except a jacket. I really like the Alpine star equipment but it is a bit pricy...

    I saw a guy trying one on today, and i thought trying it on wont hurt...
    I found a size that suited me like a glove, looked at the price tag and it was $980

    checked my pocket...moths came out

    the guy which was trying it on before me picked one up and quite easily forked out those $980... and walked out with a new jacket...

    after my jealousy subsided, i thought hey, ill buy it from the states, current exchange rate is so close to 1:1 it will be a steal!

    logged on and found the same jacket i tried on at the shop. asked for the same size i tried on and now i am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new A* jacket :)

    this is the Jacket that i got
    with the current exchange rate it only cost me AU$536.26 plus delivery

    now im laughing at the guy who spent just shy of a grand on the same jacket :)

    Point of the story...if you are in the market for new gear, take advantage of the current exchange rate!
    more often than not it will be cheaper even after the delivery costs!
  2. Thats the way ! :)

    As if you'd just pay 1k without trying to get it down a bit though :S
  3. :facepalm: Those jackets are of NO use here !! They ride on the wrong side of the road there remember :idea:

    Well Done mate ! :biker:
  4. All hail the almighty Aussie dollar!!!
  5. Just out of interest, where abouts did you purchase it from? I'm looking for some leather pants and want some to match my A* jacket but can't quite come at the price over here.

  6. Hey mate, i am in teh same boat but i went and bought one from my local shop today which i am very pleased with... Just remember if soemthing goes wrong things are gunna be slow for u!

    so even tho u saved yourself a bit intially, where u gunna take it or wat u gunna do if something goes wrong..... not saying it will,

    but buying locally isn't always a bad thing!
  7. Yea, i got a pair of A-star gloves O/S and found that the gloves are switched around!!! :mad: ](*,) luckily the seller was reasonable so i lost only the P+H... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Lesson learnt guys! :p
  8. Understand economics. Its not the exchange rate that makes it so cheap (although it helps) its the fact that US has a population much bigger than Australia so therefore the demand is higher hence they can lower the RRP and make the same margins as they would over in Australia.
  9. Errr but the strong Aussie dollar still brings down the price of US goods imported here.
  10. quick comparison of converted prices of US products in Australian dollars now and 4 months ago.

    price USD $499 + $25 p/h

    in august AUD $665
    now in AUD $560

    $104 cheaper now than 4 months ago.
  11. Some tempting bargains popping up, not really in the market for gear at the moment (still recovering from new bike purchase :cool: ) but this site seems to be one of the best....

  12. Busted seam, busted zip, busted stud? It takes a lot of that sort of stuff to equal $400 in repair bills here in Aus.
  13. Thats a nice looking jacket and you got it for a good dollar.
    Tell me how it goes when you crash test it :p
  14. Take it to a shop that sells it, say you bought it from there but don't have the receipt. I personally haven't done that before, but it works.

    Edit: obviously they wouldn't give you $ for it, they'd only give a credit or exchange. I wonder if you could get it in for say 700 aus, then take it to a store for a grand credit and have yourself a profit baha.. Not that I'd actually do that, but would be a hilarious scam.
  15. Karma!

    Na i am not saying DON"T buy stuff from international i would prob safely say there is nothing wrong with it also, esp a high quality brand, but wat i am saying is IF something goes wrong with it u got someone u can pin it to and u can usually get it fixed striaght away.

    Where as if u buy from international, yes they might still honour the warranty but if u have to post it around the world it might take weeks if not months.... And for the sake of $500 or watever u r paying, thats a bit of money to lose for somethign thats gone away, where as a shop here will fix it straight away or do somethin about it hopefulyl!!

    just my oppion!
  16. Obviously there is some risk involved, but less with paypal protection. But say you save 200-300 every time you get some clothing or a big accessory, and you have an issue with 1/5 of them, you're still saving alot of money.
  17. That's the way to do it today. Go to the shop, see it in real life and then buy it online. If the price difference is not that big (online is always + postage) then i get it from the shop. But most of the time, there is a big price mark up.. Plus online, you can access all the reviews for the product, things that a part time shop assistant will not tell you, or even know about...

    As for price difference from US and here, check out the classic virago, in US it goes for $3,599 or 3,839.42 AUD
    Here it is $6000... How can you ever explain that!!! And don't let me start about scooter prices!
  18. i know what you mean i just order 2.5k of stuff for my bike and it would have cost me something like 5 here.

    i picked up an ohlins damper for 500 bucks i asked some shops here and i am looking at 900 min. same as a yoshi full system with carbon fibre can i got it for 900 bucks retail here for 1800.
  19. Paypal protection is a waste if the seller doesnt have buyer protection.. But even after my $540 loss i still buy O/S. Just rather use shop websites, rather than ebay if i can help it..
  20. I got it from the A* website. They ship to AUS for about $50. They say you may need to pay customs and other taxes but when ordering 1 jacket it usually doesnt get stopped.

    As for bustes zipper or if anything goes wrong with it, any fine tailor should be able to repair it for me. zippers are easy enough to replace anyway.

    Returning it to a store and saying i lost my receipt...hmmm dont know about that, sounds interesting but i wouldnt have the guts to be able to pull something like that off, i too honest :p

    Risk...buying straight from the A* website i wasnt worried too much, as it comes straight out of the CC and it goes through a secure website.

    If it were ebay...well i dont buy any gear from ebay.

    and Khlarton, i hope i never tell you how this jacket is in a crash :D