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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bigbaz, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys, been lurking for a while and made a few posts here and there, but thought i would formally say hi

    Name - Byron
    Nickname - Baz, bigbaz, B, Ron
    Car - Nissan 300ZXTT pumping out 191RWKW

    Finished my learner course earlier this month, still havent done the theory test yet.

    Reason i want a bike is cos i am always working on the car so need another form of transport, may aswel get something i can still have fun in and will save me on petrol.
  2. Welcome Big Baz.

    See you have already checked out the coffee meets, so see you on Wednesday night.

    Always good to meet another rider.
  3. hello and welcome
  4. Hi Baz,
    Always liked 300zxs', i've heard they're a pain in the ass to work on though (cluttered engine bay ?). Nice power too, what mods have u done to it? I used to own a modded Subaru RS Liberty turbo but sold it and bought my bike. I miss it heaps how :LOL: What bike are you looking at getting?
  5. I am looking at getting a GS500F

    Pain in the arse, hmm, if it was just that it wouldnt be a problem, its the other pains, like back, all the cuts, bruises and burns, if you thought getting at stuff on a bike with fairings is hard, then buy one of these and quit compaining about the bike, i do all the work myself and it is currently undergoing a bit of a transormation due to a slight licencing issue, I want my licence, but the RTA thinks otherwise.

    Mods to the zed
    My car is a 1989 Nissan 300zx
    Its a TT Man 4 seater Targa Model
    Its black with chromies and is a consant work in progress

    Mods so far
    Removed EGR AIV and PRVR
    Anti Icing system bypassed
    Plenum painted silver
    Iridium spark plugs re-gapped to 0.8mm

    Blue leds to illuminate dash guages
    Polished guage rings
    Isotta Steering Wheel
    Momo Shift knob
    Fleet Z 300km hour Speedo,

    Window Tinting
    Chromed Weather Strips
    Modified Stock front bar
    Techone 5000k HID Kit

    Sound System
    Eonon 7" monitor with TV, DVD, etc
    Lightning Audio Dual Voice Coil 15" Subwoofer
    Pioneer 6x9" in doors
    1" Pioneer Tweeters in doors
    6x4" rear speakers
    Boss Audio 1000watt amplifier

    4 Corners and suspension
    18" x7.5" AME Wheels
    Wrapped in 225/40 Nexen 3000 Fronts
    and 265/35 Nexen 3000 Rears
    UAS Polished Front Strut Brace
    Custom Rear Strut Brace
    Front - 324mm Slotted Rotors with Race Brakes RB74 Pads
    CAZ020 Caliper adapters used to fit front disk as well as custom stainless steel lines
    Rear - 297mm Slotted Rotors with Race Brakes Dcomp 2 Pads

    FMIC 600 x 300 x 100
    Apexi Dual Funnel Pod Filter
    Modified AFM
    Caz Racing Stainless steel turbo intake pipes with thermal flex couplings

    Engine Bay Bling
    Barely Legal Performance Mirror finish ragiator air guide
    Chili Master cylinder brake brace
    Stainless Steel Bolt Kit
    Thermal Flex Vac hoses replaced with blue silicone hoses
    Smithys Place Braided Fuel lines with polished OEM fuel filter

    CZP Short Throw Shifter
    Turbotech Manual Boost Controller
    ECU Chipped to remove Speed limiter, increase rev limiter to 7500 and to safely run 15psi, (boost not turned up yet, still on stock 9 psi)
    Exhaust System
    UAS Braided Clutch lines
    UAS lightweight alloy slave cylinder
    57mm AMS Radiator
    Alloy Radiator Pipe

    Mods i have ready but not yet on
    Z style indicators
    Stillen Style Nose Panel
    Illuminating rear 300zx panel (Blue)
    Earth Grounding Kit
    HKS Boost Guage
    Rear Subframe Collars
    HKS Hard pipes and BOVs
    Full interior retrim (Finally started this)
    Adjustable Upper Control Arms
    Sound proofing
    MTX 7500 15" subs x 2
    Clarion VRX925VD DVD and 7" screen
    MB Quart Discus DSD216 6.5" splits (2 sets)

    I think i need to get off my arse and start putting some of this shit on my car

    Last dyno car made 191rwkw but that was before FMIC and running 9psi, hoping to turn it up to 15psi and give it a tune and looking for in excess of 250rwkw, but that will take me forever as i am forever modding other parts of the car and never get around to doing it
  6. Holy f#$ Byron thats a properly worked zed!

    You'll have to come for a cruise with me and some car driving mates some time, few of whom are avid zx fans :)
  7. lol, nah just a few mods here and there, still fairly standard in my eyes, needs a lot more work, and quite a bit more power, will have a bit more done soon, would really like to do some engine work and crack over 300kw at the rears, or even 400

    Edit, and would love to come on a cruise once it s back togethor again and i have my licence back, takes a whole lot longer when you do it all yourself, i am currently retrimming bucket seats, which is a pain in the arse, takes about 8 hours per seat to do the job properly, parents are starting to get annoyed at the amount of parts lining all the walls of my room
  8. Haha I understand, my room is full of SV original parts/failed/half complete projects :LOL: