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Washing Your Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by [swifty], May 10, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    So my jacket is filthy with oil and other debris of the road, and i washed it... no biggie.. came out cleaner, but not clean... still heaps of oil in it...

    What does everyone use to clean their jacket? Any tips?

  2. Buy a black one :)
  3. nappysan is the bomb ;)
  4. Is it leather or textile?
  5. might as well add to this thread instead of making a new one...

    i have a textile ones...that sort of gets sweaty from all the time im not moving... :S

    ive tried airing it out to no avail
  6. Its a textile jacket...alpine stars t-dyno to be specific

    Napisan wont weaken the fabric?
  7. I used marther gardner wool mix on mine. gave it a eucalyptus smell as well.
  8. just don't wash in warm or hot water. use cold, or you'll bugger the waterproofing. Less than 35 degrees, to be precise.
  9. so i ended up taking vic's advice, napisan and a bit of preen... wash for 2hrs (soak etc. for most of it) and it came up looking great....

    FWIW i used the napisan in the pink container... pink cleans better than white i think :D lol
  10. true about the pink napisan over the white. much better.

    my jacket says "hand wash only".....i can understand the need for washing in the cold but can you get away with throwing it in a machine?
  11. Yes if your machine has handwash cycle, I've a front loader and the hand wash cycle is very gentle. It's a god send!
  12. My partners auntie stuck his dririder alpine in the tumble dryer and rooted it.. it stuffed up the insides so he had cold arms/top half and warm wrists and bum.. line dry or in front of a warm air heater..
  13. this is a problem that is easiest solved by squidding. :grin:
  14. I washed mine today, it was raining. :LOL:
  15. What works well for my textile jacket is to hang it on the line and hose it down, then use a cloth and bit of washing powder to clean it, and then just hose it off again. Then I just leave it hanging out there to dry.

    Didn't take me more than about 10 minutes, which surprised me cos its the first wash it had in about 10 months.

    An alternative i guess is to sprinkle yourself with washing powder and go for a ride in the rain :p
  16. Yurky!! The "dandruff" look!! :p