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Washing the Beast

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Wellsey84, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. G'Day Guys,

    Read your forum alot and I have a problem so I thought of you all.

    Its a Honda VT250C. 2003 model, no Mods.

    My question is, as I am fairly new to this, what is the best way to wash it? I have been told putting a hose on it is ok, but im not convinced..

    Will the chain have to be lubed after?

    Any thoughts?



  2. It is ok to use a hose, bikes are designed to get wet! Just get yourself a bucket, sponge and some car wash liquid and off you go. Hose it down soap it up rinse it off. Take it for a ride around the block to get the exess water off, chamois it down, lube the chain and you are all done. :)
  3. if you wanted to be 100% on the safe side, cover the intake ports (or air filter entrance, not sure on your bike whats where) with a rag, and stick a rag in your exhaust end.

    when you wash it, try not to put too much hose pressure on the chain, brakes and instruments (they may get water inside them and fog up with condensation).

    be sure to lube your chain once it's dry, and don't forget about those rags you've stuffed in your intake and exhaust!

    everything should be fine, people wash their bikes with hoses and soapy crap every single day.

    IF by chance something stuffs up, it'll only take some water disperser spray and a bit more time, but you'll be right.
  4. Washing the beast?????

    What we talking about here???

    This is a motorcycle forum....such fithy talk shouldn't be allowed!! :LOL:

    Please keep it clean, thanks!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. If you spend anymore then 30 seconds washing it then you are no longer washer and you will go to hell.
  6. the best way to wash the bike is to hose it off first. this washes away the dirt and dust particles so when you use a sponge, it doesnt scratch the paint. then after you can use a bucket or soap and sponge if u wish but i personally dont use the soap because it wears away the clear coating. if you have noticed, some bikes look dull than others. after that hose it down one more time and use a chamoi (leather) to rinse it off.
  7. What Mattyb said - plus if you want to go all the way put plastic bags over the your grips down to the wiring boxes and put a bit of gaffa or similar over the ignition key slot. I put plastic bags held in place by rubber bands on the exhaust ends and a sock in the air intakes. Bikes are meant to get wet but, with a hose, you can get water where it shouldn't be.
  8. personally, pressure washer, then hand wash, then chamois, half an hour later, polish and detail. hour later - new bike.
  9. You're calling your VT250C a beast? :? :LOL:

    Anyway, hosing is OK for the bike but not when there is water crisis.
  10. Jesus! It's a motorcyle, they're meant to get wet. What the hell do the "I never get my bike wet" people do when it starts raining? :? Stop beside the freeway and throw their jacket over the bike perhaps. :roll:

    Don't stress about it mate. Wash away. Do the chain with Kero and hose off quickly, then wash the rest like it was any other treasured vehical. Dry with chamoi, ride for 5 min to blow dry and warm chain then re-lube the chain. :grin:

    When you lose your sanity and become an obessive compulsve freak, give me a call to discuss waxes, metal polishes and how to care for the plastics. :wink:
  11. yeh i work at a car wash.. believe me its a 2 sec job.
  12. I take mine to the car was, NO not the one you drive through.
  13. Washing a bike is fine! Avoid heavy water pressures, and don't point the hose at things like bearings and electrics.
    I set the hose for a fine mist, it gets all the soap off just fine.

    Regards, andrew.
  14. I don't use a hose or soap, just warm water and chamois, then chamois dry. I use Kitten car polish ( green bottle, contains teflon) on all my fairings then everything glides off with warm water next time you wash it. Lube to chain very important.
  15. every time i clean my bike, i lube the chain, take it out for a spin and all the excess lube has sprayed all over the wheel & swingarm, :evil: