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Washing new motorbike.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ddhanu, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Hello all bike experts,

    I bought a new bike about a month ago. It's 2006 R6. Now it needs a bath. I never ever wash a motorbike. I am freaking out and clueless as how to wash it. Some people say that to wash it is just like a car, but it's hard to believe for me. I don't think I can just spray with water all over it, then all the water gonna go into the electrical parts and stuck somewhere and causing rusts.
    So please help help. I live at Homebush area, so if any of guys gonna wash your bike and live nearby, then I don't mind coming over and watch you guys washing your bike.
    Or give me an tip or instructions here, so I can wash it this weekend.

    Thanks heaps.
  2. Hey there Ddhanu, I like to use the Enjo cleaning gloves. You can get cheap ones from the supermarket for under 10 bucks. You only need to wet them (no detergent or anything) and then chamoi off and buff with a polishing glove.
  3. Thanks for the help. I am still confused with some part. What about with the area near the speedo? So much dusts there, and should I just do the same thing using the Enjo? Is it ok if the speedo got water all over it? What about the area near the suspension, so much dirt as well.

  4. that was a charity bike wash somewhere in the world....

    in all seriousness, bucket of soapy water with your fav bike washing product i guess, and a bucket of clean wather. and a shamy.

  5. i'm bring my bike to your house next wash.....ok
  6. Im coming to :LOL: :LOL:

    Mate I use the enjo glove as well but I still like to give it a quick rinse first I just shove a (in my case) couple of rags in the exhaust as its the only place you dont want to much water the rest of the bike should be ok if you just use a garden hose as they can be ridden in the rain :grin: so a bit of water wont hurt to much :wink:
  7. Personally i start by splashing 2 buckets of water over the bike. ! for the front half (dash included) one for the back half. If i'm feeling really naughty i'll use the hose but not usually. I then get a bucket of warm water and my enjo glove and wash till my little hearts content.

    Then i chamois it dry and take it for a spin around the block to blow the water out of any little spots it may have stuck using the wind. Then if it needs it i'll chamois away any water that comes out (usually around the mirrors).

    Then i will clean the chain and re-lube it while it is still warm/hot from the ride.

    THEN i will either take her out for a ride or put her back to bed.
  8. Hot water to dampen the cloth and just wipe. If you get the chain wet you'll need to lube it after since this will start to rust fast if the bike is unused for a while.
  9. These guys are all messin with your head.

    Use the washing machine, put it on gentle cycle

    Why else do they call it gentle CYCLE sheeesh
  10. LOL - so much effort there.

    Me I clean the chain first with some kero and a tooth brush then i just hose it down - put some car wash stuff in bucket fill it up and then sponge the bike down.

    I've got a tail tidy on my R6 so it gets messy under the tail so i give that a good scrub. Doing it on a race stand makes it a whole lot easier too!

    Just chamois it down and if you want to polish it up afterwards then you can do that. (ill only do it if i get at least 5 days of clear weather.
  11. I just wash it :)

    bike is designed to be water resistant, it gets wet in the rain

    I wash it with car wash, chamois and wax it when dry.. easy :)
  12. You guys are excellent. Really helpful. And this website ROCKSSS!!
    Thanks guys.
    Another question, if I spray water on the seat, then will it get under the seat and the water trapped there?
    Sorry guys, I am really padentic, cuz just to understand that my misses here are still new,and not even travel more than 1000kms yet.
  13. Rust you say? Well, to get rust you need metal.

    Now since the only metal on a R6 is in fact not metal at all but rather metal coloured cheese, you should be safe to wash it.

    As you probably already know, cheese doesn't rust. :)
  14. My bikes a daily ride so it's out in all sorts of weather....... and contrary to popular belief...... bikes are allowed to get wet......

    Quality car shampoo,
    warm water,
    a bucket

    combine the three,
    hose off after washing .....
    get your gear on and take it for a fast spin dry.......

    when it's dry,
    polish with good old Mr Sheen....

    works for me...
  15. Sorry I don't get your cheese stuff? What do you mean by cheese? I think my R6 should be made from something stronger than cheese. :)
  16. You'd think so, wouldn't you? :)
  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: