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Washing Draggin's

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ktulu, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Should I wash my Draggin's whenever they need it, or wash them as little as possible?

    ... from a point of view of wanting a $200 pair of dacks to last as long as possible :)

  2. Don't you ride in the rain? :p

    My cargos seem to have survived regular machine washes without any problems.
  3. Are you supposed to wash jeans?? :wink:
    I'll only be washing mine when they absoulutley need it, no one can smell you when your flying by em :)
  4. as long as you stick them on a gentle cold wash cycle & wash them alone you should be able to wash them whenever they need it.
  5. I have 3 pair (had them about 10 months). I wash them once a week on the basis that i have been in them for about 20 hours in a week. They don't seem to have suffered for the washing.
  6. I wash mine once a year whether they need it or not!

    OK once a week, I wear them every day, 9 months and still going strong. faded a bit but all OK.
  7. My draggins get washed every couple of days and they are all fcuked up. Holes worn through the pockets (mostly caused by having a pack of smokes and lighter in there) and tearing at the bottom of the cargo pocket. I have not had those issue with the Shift jeans...yet.
  8. Cold wash, and dont turn them inside out. Let them air dry, dont tumble dry them. Do all that and you should be fine.
  9. My oldest pair are 5 - 6 yr old cargos. They're faded and tattered around the bottom hem. All else is good. Kevlar is still tight. The left cargo pocket has lost its pleat due to carrying wallet and keys... up until I got a bike with decent under pillion seat storage.

    Been considering dying the cargoes black to spark them up a bit...

    I wash them inside out, gentle cycle, whenever they're dirty or if I've sweated a bucket or three in them. Then dry them in the shade, right side out, or gentle warm tumble dry (- no problems to date doing this.) ... which is almost the opposite of spud gun, so just goes to show, they'll hang in there.

  10. Excellent. I'm picking mine up, hopefully tomorrow, so I'm glad you asked it, Ktulu. Thanks guys!

    ...no tumble dry, no hot wash.
  11. i was mine on a normal wash with the rest of my cloths, all depending may be every 3 or 4 rides.
  12. And dont hang them in the direct sunlight as it deteriorates the kevlar. Just read the instructions on the tag and you will be right..
  13. I too own a pair of Draggins'. I wash them after wearing them, like normal jeans (these ones have the conventional jeans look).

    They don't seem to have been adversely affected.
  14. Yeah wash away no problems, I did try scrubbing a pair on the road but I wouldn't recommend it. :LOL:
  15. ROFL

    I thread about washing draggins.
  16. I've washed mine as per the instructions tag and there is some fade of the colours.
  17. :WStupid:

    Well since im here posting anyway, I've had mine 3 years and they get thrown in with the rest of the wash once a week ( not turned inside out or anthing special) Then straight into the dryer so I can wear em the next day.

    They have faded slightly but so have all my other black jeans of the same age :shock: :LOL:

    Other than that there as good as almost new :p
  18. I have 2 pairs, cargos and jeans, both are black. The jeans have faded badly and looks seriously stonewashed, but the cargos are still good. The first wash and tumble dry seemed to send the jeans like that for some reason. Since then its been cold washes and no tumble drying and they haven't faded any more.
  19. Take to dry cleaners every 6mths - works a treat for me.
  20. Any sort of clothes will fade a little. The main point is you follow the instructions so the Kevlar want be destroyed.