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Washed bike, ride attempted, wouldn't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pastafarian, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. [Resolved]Washed bike, ride attempted, wouldn't start

    Thought i would wash my VTR250 and give the chain a lube.

    Hosed the bike down and washed with soapy water and a sponge and hosed it off again. Apparently the hose was a bad idea (or so I'm reading). Come one I ride in the rain all the time and its fine!

    Weather was coming over bad so decided to take it for a quick spin to dry the chain/remove (about 20 minutes after hosing soapy water off)

    lights on all, cranks but doesn't fire. First thought was spark plugs.. I dried out around the boot, then decided to check the air filter, its dirty and probably needs changing but didn't notice any dampness. I was running out of light so quickly put the tank back on (but could only get one of the fuel lines onto the fuel switch (PITA) so i can easily take the tank back off tomorrow if i need to.

    I'm hoping I'll just connect fuel back up and it will fire tomorrow because it will have time to dry out but because it's me its likely not going to be the case :nopity:

    My question is what else can I check?
  2. Fuel pump sound like its working?
    Is your fuse block susceptible to the hose?
  3. Yeah everything sounds fine, that's why i was thinking it was either air or spark.

    Fuses next to battery which is bone dry luckily!
  4. I hosed my VTR down all the time albeit carefully, with low pressure and never from underneath. Never seemed to bother it.

  5. I've hosed it down once before. Unfortunately this time I went a bit nuts because it was really dirty from riding through wet/roadworks roads. When it stops raining here ill connect the fuel back up and give it a go, lucky aldi has the trickle charger on sale tomorrow!
  6. buy your self a can of WD40 and spray on electric fittings and any sensors ,water and elecrics dont mix ,,, also use wd40 to clean wheels ,front end, motor ,ect ect ,,spray on wipe off ,,never use a hose or degreaser on your bike ,,,now you know why
  7. Yeah got wd40 and sprayed around where the leads attach the the spark plugs, reason why i don't think its another electric issue is all lights work and its cranking.

    Just connected everything up and sprayed everything, still nothing. real pain with a full tank of fuel.
  8. bump start the bastard
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  9. I would!

    But its raining and i have a long steep driveway.. ok leaving downhill but if it didn't start I don't think i could push it up.

    it was last started a week ago so really it might not have started before i washed it.
  10. How do you clean a bike without using a hose?
  11. Lick it.
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  12. Took a risk. push started it, runs fine. Fooking battery.

    Went for a 10km ride in 2nd to keep revs over 5k but doubt thats enough, will be getting that charger for aldi tomorrow (what great timing!)

    Oh and cause its wet she's now dirty again.

    I'm gonna lick her so hard for being a dirty girl!:twisted:
  13. how do you clean a bike with out a hose ??????most people on here ride jap bikes,so to start with,, tank and plastics.use mister sheen spray on all paint and plastic,spray on wipe off,wd40 for the rest of the bike,,,motor,wheels,forks,speed,tacho,mirrors, battery ,wire connectors the lot ,spray with wd40 and wipe off ,if you have a build up of road grime use a soft brush to clean it ,DONT USE ANYTHING ON YOUR SEAT ..wd40 and mister sheen will keep your bike like new ,,,now back to bike wont start,pull out spark plugs and see if they are sparking when you crank the motor,are the plugs clean??? is the kill switch working?? did water get in the kill switch??? check all wires are connected and not loose ,,can you start your bike with the stand down ,some bikes have a sensor on the side stand does yours?? if so check all is good there , did any water get in to the air filter ??is your bike carb ? or injector??
  14. seems i was to slow ,good you got going
  15. Thanks anyway tiprat, will help anyone who comes across this thread in future and me in regards to cleaning the bike!
  16. What's wrong with just hosing the bike down? I use those nossle that have different spray pattern. It's just like rain... I don't see how that's going to harm the bike.
  17. It's when you spray the hose into places rain doesn't normally go you get problems. High pressures don't help either.
  18. Washing with the hose is fine, just keep it real low pressure.
    Be conscious of the spots you probably arent supposed to spray, and all should be fine.

    I use my high pressure washer on the bike regularly, just not near any electrics or sensitive greasy spots.
    I use it on low pressure everywhere.
  19. Bucket and sponge........

    FWIW I use high pressure at the car wash from a very healthy distance to wash the Ape without a concern in the world.....

    The real issue is knowing where to point direct spray and where not to point it.....
  20. WD40 is a really bad idea around most electrics. Fine it displaces water in the short term, but in the long term attracts dust and crap. Connectors are meant to be dry and clean, not oily and dirty. There are proper contact cleaning products available at places like Jaycar if you really feel the need to clean the electrics.