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Wash your pants how often?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Djamba, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. HI all.

    Wearing my RST ProSeries trousers wherever I go combined with the Aussie sunshine has brought up a couple of questions I would like to ask you all....

    1.) Do you wear Jeans, etc under the trousers? Seems too hot for me....

    2.) How often do you was the trousers?

  2. 1) Yes most of the time. Always when commuting, and when doing a fun ride unless it is hot.
    2) Yes, so far twice in six months. Should really do them once a month though.
  3. I wear MotoLegions riding jeans. Wash them at least once a year, but have only washed it twice in the last 12 months.

    Sometimes I wear shorts or trackies under depending on after work activities, but usually nothing in hot weathers. Colder weathers I wear thermals underneath. When it rains, I put a rain suit over the top.

    I ride 600km/week, so they are probably dirty and probably need more than a wash a year, but meh.
  4. Who washes their trousers? Pfft
  5. If I owned a pair of such pants I'd probably wash them as much as I wash my textile jacket. Which is basically when I can smell them.
  6. I wear Draggin jeans. I bought my current pair in Feb last year. I washed them in the middle of year cos I'd spent time near an open fire and I smelled like a homeless person.

    I washed them again in December last year. And I've only just got them back to how I like 'em (y)
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  7. I should point out that other than getting wet from rain my leathers have NEVER been washed in 12 years.
  8. Wash, what is this wash of which you speak? The correct metod for cleaning any form of riding gear is to ride in the rain, failing that just scrape the dried bugs off every now and then. Our distinctive odour is what allows us to recognise friend from foe, and also keeps cagers from crowding us in queues etc.
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  9. Ok.. so to re-cap. Don't wash it (Unless in rain), the smell is a good thing and underwear is optional. :cool:
  10. Just washed a pair of Motolegion jeans because I'm selling them. 1st time washed in well over a year. Haven't worn them much though.
  11. No shit. I can smell you from here.

  12. simply depends on how many times you scare yourself
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  13. Well.. I haven't had a solid scare so far... :poop:
  14. Pretty rare to have a solid scare, most of mine tend to be a pretty fluid. I also find that a well cured set of leathers can also help speed up pat downs on traffic stops.
  15. The Draggins get washed pretty regularly, usually after around 7 wears.

    Textiles never washed, but not worn very often.
  16. Never washed my leathers. Thinking to get a pair of Draggins sometime in the near future. Maybe I'll wash them every week / month... or never... :p
  17. Oooo yeah. I expect my Tiger Angel leathers to last a LOOOONG time - and never be washed. Be interesting what they'll be like after a few years, particularly as I wear them whenever I go on a long or possibly technical ride, winter AND summer... Yummy!
  18. I spoke at length a short while ago with an ancient guy who use to be a leather tanner. In a nut shell don't use saddlery products on leather jackets. Something about different pHs in different processes. Use products meant for lounge suits. He advised washing my kangaroo leather jacket on a delicate cycle cold wash in the washing machine using 1/4 of a cup of baby shampoo turning the jacket inside out first. Brought the white leather up pristine and I no longer smell homeless. ;)

    I have a pair of Joe Rocket mesh pants I wear a couple of times a week. Wash them after wearing as I would anything else.
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  19. I wash my Draggins every week or two. My leathers I've been cleaning every few months by wiping them down with a warm damp cloth to remove insects and then applying leather wax. They're only cheapies from Bikers Gear Australia but they seem to be decently sturdy so hopefully they'll last for years if I keep looking after them.
  20. The idea of washing any of my leather clothes never occurred to me. I have treated them so far once and should do so again soon (that would then be once every 6 months).

    Kevlars, yes. But I don't wear them often. I mostly decide that if I am going to change pants anyway, I might as well chuck on my leather pants. Prefer the comfort of not sliding in my seat.