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Wash your kevlar properly!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by tonee, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    As you can see above there's a hole in my kevlar liner from regular riding. I'd like to share my experience for other fellow riders to learn from my mistake. The kevlar in the photos are TKD full length liners and they're awesome! However I'm too lazy to wash my own clothes so mum just chucks in the wash with all our other clothes in the machine. The kevlar deteriorated from the use of washing detergent and it had something to do with breaking of enzymes 8-[. I've had a talk to Jonathan from TKD and they were very helpful and nice with about the situation.

    I know I'm not the only idiot who doesn't read the labels properly so READ THEM before you put whatever chemicals on your kevlar.

    Happy Washing,
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  2. No shit!! :eek:

    I really should start reading my labels too. Usually they're generic crap that they put on there to cover 'what if's'. TY
  3. they look warm
    so fluffy...
  4. Arseless chaps.
  5. Seems unlikely given the enzymes normally used in laundry detergents. One of the main ones, amlyase, is basically the same as what's in human saliva (make your own pants-licking joke here).

    Could be due to the presence of chlorine, which certainly will degrade kevlar. However given sunlight(UV) will also damage it, if your mum's been hanging the liners outside on the clothesline then I'd say that's the cause.
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  6. Mine say wash in cold water with zips and buttons done up, and hang out of the sun, all of which I do. Nothing about what sort of detergeant to use (altho no bleach).
  7. My Draggin's has different instructions to TKD. Draggins doesn't say anything about detergent however it does mention do not bleech.
    Different brands have different washing requirements? =/
  8. The main issue here is, as JD mentioned, is UV degradation. UV decomposes kevlar, so if your mum is hanging them inside-out in the sun, tell her to dry it naturally under cover outside-in.

    I throw my Draggins and MotoLegion in the wash and air dry them under my verandah where least amount of sunlight is present. Dries overnight on a windy day.
  9. Kevlar = bullet proof, but not mum proof :)
  10. I washed my draggins nearly once a month (chucked them in the dryer). Wore them every day and they lasted me almost three years, and the kevlar outlasted the denim. Denim isn't designed to be washed on a weekly basis like other clothes.
  11. too much arse scratching hehhee
  12. Or too much vindaloo.
  13. i just never wash mine
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  14. I've never paid much attention to the detergent I've used and my jeans have always been retired well before the Kevlar even started looking tired (I'm careful to keep them out of the sun when drying though).

    I doubt the detergent is to blame here.
  15. Kevlar jeans-what a con.
  16. Damn, I wash my jeans like once or twice a year...
  17. What's the con?
  18. They're only a con for people like Blabs - who are already well protected by their rubber underpants.
  19. A decent pair of heavy duty denim jeans is as good as kevlar.
    You idiot ATGATT people will buy any story.
    If you crash,its the initial impact that does damage.
    You wont slide down the road on the one spot of your jeans.
    Hahahahaha,sucked in.....
    Buy leathers if your that worried,kevlars are a con.
  20. Buy jeans, expect them to be jeans , stop trying to blame some bony else for ****s sake, what's wrong with you.?