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Was this corner legitimately tricky for a newbie...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Suriag, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. ...or am I just bloody incompetent even for a fresh Learner and this whole bike thing was a bad idea? :p

    (AFAIK this went: heading up, freak out over oncoming cars and take it far too tight, wobble wobble straighten, hit cats-eye fall break wrist.)
  2. No it is a tricky one any many riders have problems with hairpins uphill. You will particularly have problems if you take it tight where the gradient is the worst. So don't panic it is a learning experience.

    I would only say look where you want to go, there was oncoming traffic but you still should have been looking to apex wider out on the corner. Good Luck :)
  3. Why did you get spooked by the oncoming cars?
  4. If the oncoming cars were on his side of the road I could understand why he was spooked.

    If they weren't then maybe he's pushing his personal boundries and limits...
  5. Ssshhh! No hints Mick. :)

    I'm trying to promote some thought about it by the rider.

  6. Tight corner. Many L platers loose it on a tight level round about, you lost it on a tight uphill gradient. Many more L platers and even unrestricted riders loose it just trying to do a simple U turn.

    Keep on trying and make sure to do the easy stuff first and not push your boundary too far and too early.

    Good luck with the recovery.
  7. Sorry. My bad. I thought that I'd try and be nice for a change. I sometimes get the feeling that some people on here think I'm an ar$ehole because I don't show too much sympathy.
  8. They're pretty annoying those kinds of corners.. there's a few right near Wiseman's ferry inn, another on Mc Carr's Creek road and about 6 in succession on Galston Gorge rd... Always find them a bit difficult, if you start to lose balance a lot of the time you can't put down a foot to stabilise either.
  9. Now worries. :)
    And I don't think that mate. :)

  10. Thanks
  11. Personally, I hate those kinds of corners.
    Rather than try and 'ride' them, I make a point to just get through, and on to more fun stuff. :)

  12. Why don't you like corners like this one? Good road surface and not even covered in debris. They have their own charms and getting them spot-on is always a challenge but isn't that a big part of going scratching in the first place?
  13. my 2c. they are tricky. more so down hill!
    on those corners you need to decide fairly early whether to treat it as 2 apexes or one. problem is if you're apprehensive you either turn to early or don't turn hard enough or both.
    this is a right hander but gives the idea
  14. Pfft. Who cares what people think.

    What's the general consensus...are hairpins easier uphill? Or downhill?
  15. I recall the trickiest corner I found while L-ing was the right turn onto New Mt Pleasant Rd Wollongong after taking the left exit lane 1/2 way down Mt Ousley. Its tight, >90degrees and uphill and the road seems to camber all wrong, now its a piece of piss, dont give up mate practise makes us all better.
  16. Because, by the time you enter them, you're exiting, mate. :)
    No time to really get settled in the corner, and just a bit awkward (for me) :)
    And they interrupt my typical flow. Of course, it has alot to do with bike type. The Blade isn't as suited to really tight corners, either.

  17. That is what I like about them, you have to have them right from the start. There is no room to fudge a bit and clean it up. Plus there is fun to be had on the exit if you are keen.
  18. GREEN...every time. :)

    Down hill requires alot more commitment, and faith, I reckon.

  19. There's a road not too far from where I live that has several examples of these corners (running through it in my mind there are 5 - so that's 10 versions if you do both directions).

    With some of the downhill ones the road drops away quite alarmingly and as a noob rider I often find my arms lock up in fright with no bend in my elbows if I take the corner too tight on the inside. I find the trick is to take it late and stay wide in the lane for as long as possible - Like the green line above. I grip the tank tighter with my knees and actually lean forward on the bike a little to allow me to loosen (potential) the rivet lock in my elbows.

    For uphill ones there is a fear of stalling the bike, particularly on the steep corners and again a wider line helps as it tends to make the height change more gradual and allows you a better view through the hair-pin and up the road which allows you to be a bit more committed on the throttle and reduces the odds of stalling.

    I find riding them quite a challenge and they are definitely hard corners. Made worse by cagers who insist on crossing the double white lines right at the worse possible moment :D

    Fun Ha!
  20. Am a very newbie P plater and I did Old Bathurst on Sat and Sun as a "practise" for hairpins so I know what you mean. My problem going uphill was that I had to change down to first (just under quarter litre and a bit of weight to carry doesn't help) so I was happy just to make it around. Going downhill was "challenging" to make sure I was in the right gear (third and second) so I could rely on engine braking and keep some control. Oh yeah a car going uphill was over the centre line on my last run (or should I say "walk").