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Was this avoidable?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Fractalz, May 28, 2013.

  1. Hopefully this is in the right section if not the mods can feel free to move it.

    There are lots of examples of fail out there with as many armchair critics declaring their verdicts with resultant flame wars and sooking in corners.

    Here is one to analyse and pick apart and apportion blame where you want ...

  2. Honest mistake but I see that you assumed and could have slowed down more to avoid the collision, they should not have pulled in front of you and yes it is their fault, avoidable yes, never assume they will see you and or pull out into the wrong lane. Hope your ok.
  3. Oh um ... sorry ... I should make it clear it wasn't me ... it's not even in Oz ...
  4. lol i thought it looked funny, paying to much attention to the accident part (blonde moment)
  5. In the US by the looks, he actually accelerated assuming it was going to stay in the right lane, big mistake.
  6. Did not even slow down when that car was obviously going to cross his path. Yes technically the car is at fault but the rider did not even attempt to take evasive or countermeasures to slow down or stop until it was too late. But he did hit a Prius and hopefully wrote it off, piece of shit cars.
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  7. Even though it was the drivers fault, the rider made the mistake of assuming he was seen. Assuming I'm invisible has saved me a few times already in a years worth of riding.
  8. You can see why the rider assumed the car was going to stay in the right lane. I assumed the same when I watched it. But assuming a driver is going to do something and assuming the driver is not going to do something are not mutually exclusive. I would have assumed they were going to stay in the right lane but probably prepared if they did not. Though it is hard to be an armchair expert, I could very reasonably have done the exact same thing.

    If you want to get technical, the driver has performed two different manoeuvres. He has turned right when the path was clear, then done a U turn when the path wasn't without giving notice.
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    I saw that one coming in plenty of time to avoid the impact. I agree that it looked for a moment like the car was going to stay in the inside lane but to attempt to go round before the situation had settled down was clearly unwise.

    Something else I notice about many vids, including this one, is that the rider either has their helmet cam set to look too close ahead of the bike or spends all their time looking there themselves. In this case I suspect the latter because there are a few points when we get a decent look ahead. It didn't have a bearing on the crash but it may say something about the rider's anticipation and road reading abilities. I get the impression they're quite new.
  10. what an azzhole driver..
    not indicating etc..
    however as soon as bike turns into the lane to see the car pulling out of intersection he would have been wise to assume he hasn't been seen and slowed down fully till car is well on way..
    biggest mistakes as others have already stated, assumptions the car will stay in far right lane and then the fact the bike accelerated..
    poor bugger. ... boo
  11. Interestingly the driver says she rides a scooter. I wouldn't trust her too much being on one.

    I would like to know if the driver changed her mind about the direction she was going or the manoeuvre was planned to be like that from the start.
  12. yeah I wondered why she bothered saying that at all..
    was she the car driver?
    who cares if she rides a scooter, how is that helpful?
    How is that making the situation any better to anyone.. just keep your mouth shut.. grrr..

    (lol, I'm at home with the flu so am bored.. )
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    Probably because she knew if she said "sorry mate I didn't see you" he would have been really pissed off.

    Anyway for the noobies playing at home the main lesson from this is be especially weary of people pulling out of driveways. They can and will erratically change directions.
  14. The mistake is reading the situation too far ahead of what the cager is doing. That is, anticipation based on what you actually see happening is good. Anticipation 2 steps ahead - based on what you think is going to happen next- is not so good. Bring it back 1 step and anticipate based on what the car IS doing.

    In this case, the car turned right, the rider assumed the car had finished that manoeuvre and proceeded as if the car was going straight. But the car never did go straight. The rider was reading ahead too far and missed the critical clue that the car did not straighten up.
  15. Anyone else notice the rider is in the right lane, then hits the car in the left lane? I think the driver saw the rider and assumed he would stay in the right lane. Once she started the U-turn he was in her blindspot.

    Sure it's the drivers fault, but she assumed the bike rider would stay in the right lane as she did the illegal u-turn.
  16. IMO 100% avoidable.

    Reminds me of something else I see. Sometimes I see a car preparing to turn left (single lane road) slow down and lots of times I see riders accelerate and shoot through the gap between the middle of the road and the car. IMO this is a big mistake, coz cagers change their minds all the time without checking blindspot. They realise this is not the turn - BAM!

    I always cover the brakes whenever I see a car pulling out or making to turn.
  17. Send that rider an honary membership.
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  18. Looks to me like she changed her mind. She came out of the driveway then decided she would chuck an illegal u turn instead of driving further down the road and legally turning around somewhere.
  19. Definitely avoidable, little other traffic, no distractions, that car should have been the main focus, given it is the only thing in the path of the rider.

    As others have said, I would have been covering the brakes in anticipation.

    That said, it is easy to make assumptions about what the car is going to do, but the old rule, "assume you haven't been seen" should apply above all else.

    Yes, the rider did move from the r/h lane to l/h lane, assuming the car would be going straight, but it should have been pegged as a hazard before that.
  20. And you are?
    Where are you from?
    What do you do?
    Etc etc