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Was there a group ride last night in the Eastern Suburbs? (Sydney)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FoxRiderJ, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Tried searching the forums, but didn't find anything relevant.

    Last night, pretty late for a school night (about quarter to 10), i'm on my way back into the city from Bellvue Hill, got lost and end up on New South Head Road. Headed west into town i come across a a group of riders headed east at the Double Bay traffic lights. I'm talking maybe a good 15 - 20 bikes. All sport bikes and the riders were all power rangered' up.

    Just out of curiosity, anybody here know if it was some organised event Or was it just a bunch of rich kids making the most out of their school (and uni) holidays?

  2. That would be the famous Trella ride, I'm guessing, it HAS been known to break the odd law or two in its progress, I'm told :LOL:

    Certainly wasn't a Netrider ride, anyway, most of us ride in shorts and t-shirts :bolt:
  3. Trella rides Wednesday nights, it was more likely to be netrider.
  4. Not netrider, SydneySRiders do Thursday nights.

  5. the mystery persists :LOL:
  6. My mistake, those two clubs should unite so it is less confusing for everyone. Its like the Judean Peoples Front and the Peoples Front of Judea.
  7. S for sports? If so than more likely to be them, judging by the bikes.
  8. Probably these guys

    I've been on a couple when it was a bit smaller, always a stack. A bit too rabid for me.
  9. saw a big group on tuesday night at about 9ish heading towards the airport from the eastern suburbs. Wonder if it was the same group.

    As per the above they seemed a bit confused constantly overtaking each other hitting the brakes and repeating
  10. Tuesday nights are Sydney Knights, they leave from Burwood.
  11. Dunno if it's the same people but I had about 20 bikes show up behind me while I was riding through Chatswood. Serious bunch of morons, about 3 bikes per lane, 2 metres behind each other, overtaking at 100kmph+ in 60 zones and just generally riding like real speds.. Glad I wasn't a part of it, looked like an accident waiting to happen