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Was there a full moon yesterday?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ibast, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. I get my share of near misses on my daily commute and I usually take it in my stride but yesterday was one of those days. I must have had 6 people try to run into me on the way to work and another 4 on the way home.

    When I got to work I mentioned it to another rider and he said he'd had a similar experience yesterday.

    Anybody else notice anything yesterday?
  2. I had about 4 (different) beamers try to take me out on the way home. Best effort goes to a clown in a burgundy 90's 3 series. Was waiting to turn right off silverwater rd onto parramatta rd (westbound) after having split to the front, check the intersection for light runners when I get a green arrow and take off.

    For those that don't know it, theres 2 lanes turning right, i was on the outside one. All of a sudden this cock to my left in the rightmost lane that's supposed to be headed straight cuts in front of me, missing me by about 20cm, then slams his brakes on. fcuk me.
  3. The full moon was actually earlier in the week, but the numpties were probably asleep then or are suffering from delayed shock from it. Either way, they're still out there. Be warned.
  4. One of mine was a BMW. One of those useless 4WD things.
  5. For what it's worth, a lady (i'm assuming soccer mum) pulled infront of me while i was on my pushbike thismorning, saw me halfway across the lane and then stops. I just kept going straight but gave her the old "seriously lady i'm going like 20km/h surely i'm not that hard to miss" stare.

    Also yesterday in my car i had a fellow p-plater (also in a beamer) pull in so close infront of me he turned my 3 second gap into simple a small gap.

    So yes, full moons all around.
  6. you're not wrong.

    coming in to work, my light changed to green for me to turn right from wurundjeri way by telstra dome into dudley st. massive kenworth truck ran the red, locked everything up and missed me by a bees proverbial. the image of the kenworth grill looking down on me so close is tattooed into my brain - not cool.

    i know i should have checked before taking off but i didn't try and jump the lights. that red must have been red for a good 3 seconds before he came into the intersection and nearly killed me.

    on the way home i was splitting along the westgate and a commodore ute decided to let me know it wasn't appreciated and swerved at me once i was almost at his back wheel. normally this wouldn't affect me but i reckon i was still pretty jumpy from the morning incident.

    wet weather pants leaked at the seam so my boys were having their own very cold soak all the way home. crap day on the road all round. :evil:
  7. On every journey so far this week I've had someone start changing lanes on me (in my car) without looking or only looking in their rear view mirror. Unfortunately, they never saw things clearer. They've all been utes or 4WDs. I've watched out for them and slowed down to allow them to change lanes. I always yell out, "You didn't even look did you?" but they, nor anyone else, can hear me of course.
  8. Get this: Driving to get my lady today i saw a taxi merge on another taxi. Now this was especially interesting because a) the taxi being merged on didn't realise until it was nearly clipped and b) the merging taxi didn't realise it was merging on the other taxi until the taxi being merged on beeped its horn, which was a considerable time after the merging had started.

    Now, if TAXIS cant see TAXIS then we can hardly expect them, or anyone else for that matter, to see anyone, infront, beside, behind, ontop of and underneath, even.

    Maybe this week is just a full moon (figuratively speaking).
  9. The full moon must still be out. I was turning onto St Kilda Rd tonight from a lane that had the option of either going straight or turning right. A cabbage in the right lane (dedicated right turn only) decided they had right of way, put on their left blinker and turned left! I narrowly avoided being hit.
  10. In rush home from work today, soccer mum tried to make a sandwich out of me. Held horn down for a good 10 seconds and all she did was slow down while still maintain her line into me. Had one elbow on her car and the other on a truck before i decided fcuk it and overtook her in a gap that I normally wouldn't filter through.

    Stopped in front of her and got off to give her a piece of my mind, when she figures she doesn't want to hear how much i value my life and tries to overtake. And almost cleaned up a duc monster.

    fun times