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Was the Chum Creek Rd speed limit restored?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Today I rode chum creek rd and the speed limit was 100kph. It has been a little while since I have ridden the road and I remember it as having a speed limit of 80kph.

    Was the speed limit restored?

  2. Chum Creek Rd has never been 80 and always 100kph.
    They did drop it while resurfacing parts of it.

    Oh by the way, that's one of the only twistie roads around Healesville that's still 100 so keep it quiet please....lol
    Myers Creek road in my book has less twisties and it's 80kph.. go figure..
  3. There is a limit, I think 80 but maybe it was 60 at Chum Creek township, but on the Toolangi side of that it goes back to unrestricted.
  4. There was a temporary restriction on the more northern end post Black Saturday but that was applied to most fire effected roads anyway.

    Prior to being reopened to the general public most of the roads around Kinglake were 40 km/h limited but we were still driving around burnt out cars and the like at the time :cry:
  5. Thanks lads it was great to ride that road without looking at the speedo. I stopped at the Toolangi pub for a coffee and noticed that the general store part of the business was gone which was pretty sad.

    I went home through Kinglake at around threeish expecting to see the place packed out but sadly there was hardly anyone there. The weather was sunny and warm with no wind. There was only one bike at the bakery and one at the pub. There were some cars at the toilet block and some across the road from the shops. Not one lycra lizard cyclist to be seen.

    Now that the media has pretty much forgotten the township the place was desolate and the quietest I have ever experienced.

    To make matters even worse the 80 kph speed limit from Kinglake to the Melba hwy was extended to include the handful of bends. They just keep f’cking up that place.

    Not so long ago on a public holiday with such perfect weather conditions it would have been standing room only and the money would have been flowing like there was no tomorrow.

    If I ride the area again the rest stop will definitely be Toolangi.
  6. F*ck the speed limits just ride at the speed at which you feel most comfortable/feel like doing. Just slow down past cops and speed cameras, and hope you don't get radar'd by a mobile unit hiding in some bushes.
  7. Kernel I hear what you’re saying but I can’t afford to lose my license.

    Lately we’ve started doing overnighters interstate just to avoid all the crap here in Victoria. Less rides overall but the quality of the rides has improved out of sight and the cost overall is not much more. Multi bed motel rooms have been costing us around $40.00 each per night.
  8. Came down Chum Creek Rd yesterday...
    Oh it's a perfectly clean surface atm.....(y)

    I have to agree with SRA that the best thing about it's 100kph limit is you (well me at least) never need to look at the speedo...
    This is because I'm not a level to do the whole twistie section between Chum Creek and the top at 100kph and I just concentrate on being as smooth as I can..

    If they were to drop it to 80, then I'd be spending more time checking the speedo as I pass 80 often as I do on Myers Creek Rd.

    And that's the issue, the speed limits can make you paranoid some times.... :(