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Was Santa kind to you? Post your booty here!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. I must have been a good boy this year ;)

    I got a set of Wusthof Grand Prix II Chef Knives:

    A pair of very swish Ray-Ban Predator sunnies:


    A couple of bottles of vino, some clothes and other bits n pieces.

    All smiles here :grin:

    so what did you score????
  2. Santa filled up my stocking his year :wink: not sure its appropriate to tell exactly what he put in it... :p
  3. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Possibly the greatest video game ever.
    Few books
    AGVSport Blade 2 Jacket
    Couple of cool t-shirts
    Money and vouchers
  4. A huge amount of cash from my dad to go and get some new clothes for my new job - that was the best pressie. Highly appreciated. I bought my first suit jacket!! It's a purdy one too!

    Also got a really ugly pig carved out of wood... My brother liked it, and I think he just wanted it for himself...

    The second best present I got was some boxing gloves and the mitts that the second person wears so I can punch the hell out of them! hehe

    I got some Russian Dolls (the ones that you keep opening to find another doll.. until you get to the cute baby one) from my cute little newsagent lady

    And... got a voucher for a one hour massage :) But it's unfortunately in a sort of inconvenient location, but it's okay it's not too far away. Just where she works.

    Got 2 books - 1 that has 1,000 recipes for different smoothies, the other is like a self help one. I forget, but it's relevent enough, I'll look at it later today.

    And also got a "power ball gyroscope". If you don't know what that is, it's the best thing to strengthen your wrists (very good for my clutch hand!!)... so go and get one. NOW! You can get them at martial arts stores.

    And that's what I got.

    Way too much. I would have been happy with just the cash, really.
    I would have been almost as happy with nothing. I just wanted a picnic, time to myself, and to sit down and watch lots and lots of dvds and eat some pizza or chinese or whatever.
  5. Celebrating the first car I've owned in over ten years, most people gave me car-related stuff, tools, toolkit, cleaning stuff, etc!! I must say car presents are a no-brainer, both to give and receive.

    Mrs Hornet gave me one of those massager thingies that you attach to your office chair; now all I need is a chair with a higher back to fit it on, (excuse to go shopping) :LOL:.

    'Twas a good Christmas :).
  6. I got this cool Family guy box set with all 6 (well it says 6, but net says 5) series and the stewie griffin movie

    Also i got that game s.t.a.l.k.e.r which is hard, but ill stick to it.
  7. the mrs bought me an if you can read this the biatch fell off t shirt......

    and the oil and filter etc was $120 for the bike so I told the old man to make that my pressie. mum got me a drill because I lost hers.... no doubt so I have to go over and drill some f'n shelf or something.

    no wonder i'm a scrooge.
  8. Mrs Wolfmother got me a bottle of David Beckhams after shave.
    l did'nt think l smelt that bad.
  9. my boyfriend & i treated ourselves to a sony 46" lcd full HD tv and ps3
  10. 3 bottles of Jack Daniels and a large leatherman fishing knife, one of the better Chrissies
  11. lots of goodies

    Cold Chisel live in Germany DVD
    and a double DVD of AccaDacca :cool:

    bike wise..????
    a cool tee...
    to go with my other LARGE present...


    plus some bling for the 12R... :roll:


    the big bearded fatman in red was good to me

  12. I bought my husband a brand new Honda CBR100XX Blackbird...

    I'm the best wife ever!!!!


    Yes it's a 1:18 scale model, but I've been trying to find one for 3 years - so I bought 2!!! And he loves them both!
  13. I had a small present, the most useful was this little usb fan for my tiny dorm room. It oscilates too! :grin:
  14. Booty?


    Merry Xmas guys...
  15. A pair of summer gloves, which I road tested yesterday and which worked well.

    A book ("The Bourne Identity")

    A shirt

    A 22" LCD widescreen monitor

    A digital watch that sync's with satellite atomic clocks

    A "Sudoku for Dummies" board game.

    Some grog.

    "Call of Duty 4" for the Xbox360 (that's two games I have now, the other being "Halo 3").

    $100 gift voucher to Bunnings
    $50 gift voucher to Dick Smith/Tandy/other related stores
    $50 Gift voucher to a Angus and Robertson book store.

    So, yeah, a pretty good haul.
  16. An hour massage voucher
    Fondue set
    Hair curler
    Skirt/Dress thing that has two layers and you can wear it heaps of different ways
    Another dress
    A top
    Travel voucher (for Dave and I)
    Two different jewllery boxes
    Book (that I've already read...thanks mum :p)
    Ice cream maker ;)...made some the other day...good sh!t :grin:
    First 6 books of a Crime series

    ....think that's it :) I was spoilt this year :grin:
  17. Ok ... so I had to bribe Santa ...


    oh yeah ... it was worth it!!! :grin:

  18. I got to buy the Mrs a New shoei Helmet........

    Santa has never liked me....... :cry:
  19. Amongst the appreciated gifts was a Breville blender with ice breaker blades... what a bewty! It's had a serious work out with the all the heat since xmas... slushies ahoy!!

    I have to go get some more cube trays... the next batch of cubes is still freezing... bugger!

    Thx Santa :)
  20. Personalised Plates... or the money to get them once i decide what i want.
    tyre gauge and car related stuff

    ohh, and i bought myself a new bike at the beginning of Dec as an early xmas pressie.