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Was only a matter of time...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Ljiljan, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Of late there has been a learner rider blasting up and down our street. Not a main road, just a suburban street. Yesterday afternoon, a car had stopped in order to turn right into a side street when said rider decided he would take up human catapulting and launched himself off the back of the car. He snapped his leg good on landing, lots of blood everywhere, then just for good measure what was left of the bike landed on top of him.

    Despite being skilled enough to fly down the road at 100+ km/h he somehow wasn't skilled enough to hit the completely empty lane and a half to the immediate left of the stopped car.

    He might learn.
  2. So did you render assistance or just preach to him about how silly he was?

    (just asking)
  3. He was late for work and couldn't stop his car to help.
  4. Damn, sorry you had to see that. Me personally I would have stood in the middle of the road and lectured him prior to any accident occurring. Poor sod will not likely ride again after this.
  5. nah, I kept my opinions to myself. Made sure he wasn't in immediate danger of dying, and s there was nothing more I could do and was just adding to the crowd I went back inside. He was tangled in the bike so couldn't even pull it off him, cops and ambo's had to cut it away later. One of the other neighbours was already on the phone to the bring the works, and the guy who lives in the house immediate to where the crash was has been riding for years and would be more help than I could be.

    meh, visual gory stuff doesn't bother me. I've become accustomed enough to my own injuries and blood not to be bothered by other peoples.
  6. You live, you learn. At any rate, you live.
  7. Yep, that's how they do learn, I've said it a million times, young people think they are bullet proof, I'm sure that showed him that he isn't, wish him well in his recovery
  8. I don't just *think* that I'm bullet proof.
  9. I'm fukin immortal, ****.
  10. x2 haha.
  12. I'm also immortal... so far.
  13. you young guys will learn the hard way..... as well all did .....
  14. I'm still learning.......
  15. Yeah, but you... SPARKLE IN THE SUN!!!

  16. Get ****ed, hater.
  17. I'm a banana
  18. Drat. That pesky octopus is raiding my vegetable patch again. A quick prod with my remarkable, telescopic protuberance will soon settle the hash of that eight tentacled miscreant.
  19. Ouch, thats gotta hurt... stupid is as stupid does.

    Me, i nearly creamed a learner on a cruiser on the way to work today. I was overtaking him and a truck in an overtaking lane (he was behind the truck) both doing 80 in a 100 zone, me in my cage doing about 110 as the overtaking lane had about 500 metres left to run. Oh, the overtaking lane had been about 600 metres long at this point, i was giving the bike time to go if he wanted, then gave up waiting. Was keeping an eye on him all the same, and good thing i was too.
    Was just bonnet level with the learner and he swung into my lane without so much as a glance or using the indicator. A quick brake and move back in behind the truck by me avoided any disaster, but the learner got one hell of a fright. Hopefully remember those mirror-head checks next time ;).
  20. Dude, there can ONLY BE ONE!!! Fight it off Highlander style lol.