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Was Kawasaki zx12-r: Now zx14-r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pro-pilot, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Old:Interested in getting one of these. Any comments?

    Was interested in the above, seems that it has been superceded by the zx14-r. Had a look at one on the weekend, build quality was not as good as the R1, but still an awsome bike.

    From reviews it appears to be a solid build, but needs a power commander (w maps) to really shift the power down lower in the RPM range.

    Comments on value, experiences and is this bike worth it?

  2. Firstly what year are you looking at ? They are an awesome bike. Only reason i sold mine was to upgrade to the 14, and i couldnt have both.

    Very well balanced bike with mind blowing power. Could easily commute, and will run flat out all day on the open rds. With the right suspension settings will corner fairly well. I rate this bike a 9/10, my only gripe ever was the brakes could have been better.
  3. A good friend of mine owned a black ZX12R. He is a very experienced rider and absolutely loved his bike.
    He was very, very happy with it.
  4. Great bike
    I ride mine daily
    There a blue 12 for sale at spot on
    Loved and care buy it last owner only too be sold so he could get a 14 :p
    Check out the http://www.ozzx12r.net site
  5. Just went to spot on
    Blue's bike still there $12999
    Was talking to sales man I'd say you would get it for 12
  6. I have a feelong the PC111 has been removed. Could be wrong, would be a shame if it has.. And yes if you want the cleanest ZX12R, well it used to be, then this is the one.