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Was it worth the $7 scumbag?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flylo, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Just went to the servo, around the corner from me, that I've been going to for years. I almost never take my helmet off when I fill up for fuel...anywhere, and the attendant who knows me, asked me to take off my helmet before filling up.
    When I went to pay he told me, some F**king scumbag rode off without paying $7 of fuel, and so now he asks ALL riders to take their helmet off.

    I just want to say a big thankyou to this asshole, for f**king it up for the rest off us who choose to keep their helmet on....
  2. Sucks that that happened. Just be aware though there is a forum member called Scumbag & also Mrs Scumbag. Hopefully they dont get the wrong idea from your title :)

  3. That sucks, I've never had to remove my helmet, although some attendants have asked me to get off my bike - which is fair enough.

    Although I don't see how removing a helmet makes a big difference? You could easily put it back on and ride away if you really wanted to steal fuel.

    If its a matter of ID, couldn't any driver with a hat and dark sunglasses also do the same with their car?
  4. I'm surprised people love their helmets that much.
  5. I'd be tempted to cover the $7 in lost petrol so I could keep the helmet on for future fills.

    You enjoy the juggling act? I don't like trying to find a sturdy place for the helmet (already lost one to suicide off the bike seat) and another for the spectacles. Fortunately the places I fill up don't mind me keeping it on.
  6. Your lid should be ok from a small dive off the seat. But yeah, juggling specs is annoying, especially when you forget you're wearing them and try to rip your lid off.
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    Don't take it off. I refuse to and go somewhere else if they ask me.
  8. it's going to get tiring pushing the bike everywhere eventually....
  9. Easy , go into toilet take helmet off and put burqa on, see what they say then.
  10. Or just wear one under your helmet....
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  11. Interestingly I had a kindasortanotreally similar experience. I've been refueling helmeted at the same servo, at the same time, on the same day for months. 2 weeks ago I was informed by a new staff member that I must remove my helmet or he would not turn on the pump as it is against company policies. So anyway I take my helmet off and all goes hunky dory no issues. Only when I get home did I realize that when he asked me to take off my helmet and let me refuel that I did not take off my balaclava (which we know shows less face than the helmet.)

    Go figure.

  12. Well I never get asked to remove my helmet when I'm outside filling up, I only ever get asked when I enter the store. Maybe the rules have changed since my bike's been in pieces...?
  13. problem solved
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  14. Is it really that big a deal? Just take your lid off. The time you spend arguing about it you could fill your tank, pay & be on yer way!

    You gotta take it off anyway before you go in to pay don't you?
  15. it's a big deal because it's descrimination
  16. If I'm refuelling during the day, I just take my helmet off, as you said it's not worth the hassle. But since I usually refuel at night I use the night counter and until recently none of the staff cared enough/were getting paid enough to care wether I had it on or not.
  17. Well, not really. When retards rip these places off wearing the same gear we do you can understand why they ask us to comply.

    It's descrimination to us when the burqua wearers don't get asked!
  18. i have a note from a GP saying i have to leave it on because of a medical condition.
    you should make one too.
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  19. Lol'd
  20. jerry cans in the garage, 40ltrs worth, fill them up when i fill up the car on whatever day is cheapest.

    Haven't been to a servo on the bike in... at least a month, and that's riding every day. Highly recommended.