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Was it just plain luck or nice cops?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blu101, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Well had a bit of chuckle today! I got a new rear put on this morning so decided to go for a gentle run through the first part of the nasho this afternoon to scrub it in a little. What I didn't know before heading off was that there had been a major accident on the HWY just past Sutherland blocking both ways; therefore all traffic was diverted via Sutherland actual.

    Coming back and upon exiting the nasho decided to putt along the emergency break down lane as traffic was insane. Get around the bend following a couple of bikes which without warning pull back in to traffic, what’s ahead? 2 cops standing there booking very car that was doing the same as us on the bikes. In the time it took from seeing the cops and passing them they nabbed 6 cars and not one bike. Now I am so sure that saw me as the car directly behind me was pulled over and he had managed to pull back in at the same time as I did.

    So did anyone else go through there and see this happening? Still can’t help wonder if they were turning a blind eye to bikes or I was just plain lucky!

  2. lots of coppers ride bikes....
  3. They were sorry for you chris, they saw you on a hyosung :rofl:
  4. You'd think they'd be more relaxed, then.