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Was I in the wrong??

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by SPEEEEDY_B, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, so on Saturday night I was returning home from work at about 0430 on Flinders street. It's a really frustrating stretch of road due to taxi drivers and drunk idiots jay-walking. On a particular intersection (2 lanes going straight) a taxi had slammed its brakes in order to turn left without signalling. I was driving my car, and a bloke riding an RVF-400 or old school cbr250, in order to avoid the taxi swerved into my lane. I had to hit my brakes hard and narrowly missed him, but I drive hugging the right of the lane so at no point was I even posing a threat to him. Now after he swerved i kept driving and he slowed down and starting kicking at my car, swearing and generally going ape s**t. I'm not going to post the number plate for obvious reasons but if your reading this, WHAT THE F**K dude?

    I knew he was on my left but that was his lane, he should have slowed down, not swerve towards me. Could have been a bad accident but what the hell was I meant to do??

  2. Lol wtf?? Not your fault mate. He was obviously following too close and assumed he owns both lanes and you should of knew he was going to swerve into your lane.

    He kicked your car?? What a cock wank. It's ones like these dudes that really shit me.... I bet he rides mountain bikes too... Seems to have the same attitude.
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  3. Just be thankful he didn't revbomb you.
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  4. You should have run him over.
  5. shit happens in the big city mate don't worry about it.. move on
  6. Never. I'll be taking this one to the grave.
  7. Maybe it was that guy on YouTube who sooks about the pettiest things.
  8. OP should of rev-bombed him! If you rev-bomb hard enough in a car and throw a piston through the crankcase, the oil slick would have fixed him right up.
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  9. Whaddya expect from a Honda rider?
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  10. Morons in inner city arteries like Flinders St, where one lane is frequently partially blocked by parked vehicles, usually don't understand that the road is actually two lanes and that all the normal rules about driving in and changing between lanes still apply - idiocy often ensues.
  11. Should have punched his mirror.
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  13. I've seen way too many people entirely oblivious of having done something wrong to pass judgement. Although regardless kicking someone elses property is not cool.
  14. :confused:

    Why has everyone got so angry ?

    Back in the day bikers smoked heaps of weed, partied hard and it was all about peace and love :love:

    whatever happened to being chilled out ?

  15. Come on. OP was in a car, how is he going to punch a motorcycle mirror?
  16. He could have hung out the window :D
  17. Women started driving LandCruisers.
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  18. Shit just got real.
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  19. Was I in the wrong?

    Well given

    I'd say yes.
  20. Root cause analysis would predicate that we look at the source of the issue.

    Women left the Kitchen
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