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Was he really THAT bad??....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tweetster, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. India thinks it owns cricket, who is surprised by this racist comment?
  2. I always had a feeling the JH was a closet racist and that he wanted to go back the white Australia he grew up with in the '50s.
  3. The Indians are the racists. And they are corrupt as well.
  4. Whilst I wouldn't want anything to do with the scumbag the whole ICC thing is just badly handled and smacks of payback...
  5. Who cares? The machinations of sporting bodies are worth three-eighths of four-fifths of stuff-all in the greater scheme of things. The doings of an organisation which, when it comes right down to it, sells advertising based upon how many people want to watch twenty-two overpaid blokes hit a leather ball with a stick are not (or should not be) front page news.
  6. That goes for every sport PatB.

    But still, India, geez. What a racist bunch. In that article you've even got the former Indian cricket captain saying how racist they are.
  7. I don't know... things look very different from outside when I first got here I was stunned by how racist it was...

    Now I know it's no more racist than anywhere else, it's just that the up front way a lot of people are makes it seem worse than it is...
  8. All sport is corrupt these days, because it isn't sport, it's big business. Let's see. NRL; Melbourne salary cap breaches. Soccer; millions spent on junkets for "delegates" who grease the right people's palms so that they can get the next World Cup (yawn). Cricket; myriads of betting scandals and cheating proven on the sub-continent (biting the ball is minor compared to what those crooks get up to in their own backyard). And, lest we think that we are exempt, anyone want to speculate how much money DORNA got paid by the Spanish Motorcycle Federation in order for Spain to score THREE MotoGp events this year???
  9. As does my opinion :grin:.

    Seriously though, I gather that much of the reason for rejection is most likely internal organisational politics and Howard's background simply provides a convenient excuse. I also gather that Howard's nomination was railroaded through over the top of a New Zealander, whose name I forget, who might have been a little harder for the ICC heavies to reject on spurious grounds, so I don't have much sympathy with anyone in this saga.
  10. He only wanted the job to make it easier to stalk Mark Taylor.
  11. Hahaha!

    I know nothing about cricket, but my interpretation of it was the Indians didn't want him because he could be too conservative in his opinion of the direction of the game. 20/20 is a huge money spinner over there and they wanted more emphasis for that, which Howard wouldn't give them.
  12. The indians are also responsible for about four thirds of the money in cricket worldwide so they have a fair bit of pull.
  13. And money talks...
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  15. Still better than KRudd.

    Only time I'm going to say that on any topic.