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NSW Was he breaking the law?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jslim1008, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Hi, there, wishing for the best and safety of everyone on this forum :D
    I'm new to riding and today I rode on the Sydney M1 Motorway, passing the Airport.

    I have one question.
    On M1 motorway (Going up towards the city) near the Golf course
    I was riding and I saw a P plate rider riding on the side lane (?) of the highway, virtually the can only fit a motorcycle or a bicycle. So while the traffic turtled at around 40kph, he was just speeding past at like 80kph, no traffic.
    Was he breaking the law or is that lane for motorcycles?


    Here's Google Streetview

    Google Maps
  2. Illegal, on two points. i) Lane filtering is not allowed in kerbside or breakdown lanes, ii) lane filtering is only legal for speeds up to 30 km/h
  3. Plus, I think, P plate and learners are not allowed to lane filter anyway (?????)
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  4. >p-platers...

    Remember that these are the current rules in NSW which is what is being talked about here (obviously the people who wrote this know that already, but pointing it out for a wider audience).

    FWIW it should be legal...but that is a whole different discussion.
  5. The emergency lane is a viable option in QLD but with certain conditions attached.

    Saw 2 bike cops having a field day on the Gateway @ Nudgee last Friday. Pulled up 6 bikes in a couple of minutes because they were using the emergency lane to filter in an 80 zone. If the speed limit was 90 along that stretch those guys would have been fine.
  6. That is a dog act by the coppers.....seriously. Let's all forget the intent of the law and set up shop where we know we can extract the most money from citizens.

    I met a half decent copper the other day, which was strange but nice to see. I don't he would be endorsing that sort of behavior from our conversation.
  7. If he was on the shoulder it doesn't even fall within the filtering laws. It's just illegal. Always has been.

    But I did it for many years, before filtering was made legal.
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  8. "Emergency lane"
    That's what it was!

    Yeah they really should make it legal.
    Thanks everyone for replying
  9. If the riders weren't blasting along so fast they would see the coppers well ahead and be able to merge back into traffic and avoid scrutiny... and it's not just in 80k zones where the fishing's been good ... M1 at Daisy Hill lands quite a few and that's a 100k zone =D
  10. I'm not sure riding in the emergency lane is something I'd do. Not because of the legality or otherwise, simply because I've noticed over the years that there's a whole lot of crap and debris in the emergency lane.
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  11. true ...but with regular use of the most common places for congestion the edges get cleaner just from the use. Still have to have an eagle eye out for debris though.
  12. Is why I only filter up in between cars n the highway.
  13. How'd did they book them for using shoulder in 100km zone. Thought was legal on those roads (freeways / motorways) when posted limited in 90km/h or above.
    Again that seems to be main issue on Gateway motorway, variable speed limit gets changed from 100/90km down to 80km/h and shoulder filtering is now illegal and strangely the cops know exactly when this is going to happen. It's not like reducing the limit down to 80 makes a difference when traffic is crawling at 10, 20, 30... km/h - except for revenue raising opportunities of course!
  14. I think they were speeding down the emergency lane.

    I've no doubt I'll be caught one day going to work. There is a big sweeping right hander before getting onto the Ipswich motorway which is 70, that often gets blocked up waaaay back. When it was build it was originally design to be two lanes so there is literally a massive area on the right hand side that isn't used all the way around. So....I zip down there and up to the highway. There is absolutely zero chance of a pedestrian being there.....ever. If I ever get caught there I'll just put it down as the price of doing business.
  15. Legal, but still at a maximum of 30 km/h... I imagine most are pulled over for doing a lot more than that on the shoulder.

    Edit: Jinx.
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  16. I passed Mr Plod there yesterday doing exactly that (the same spot you saw me the other week having a friendly chat with popo). Figured there was bugger-all he could do so just kept going
  17. Really? Did he have someone already? How'd you get out of that?
  18. I was going to say, don't advertise the location - but seems word is out already.
  19. He was caught there in the bullshit traffic. Been ridiculous last couple of days.

    You have to be careful of the mopo coming off the Centenary southbound there. He filters illegally trying to find cagers on mobiles. Seen him a few times lately, and quite funny when he has half a dozen bikes lined up behind him just waiting...