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Was does riding a bike mean to you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Quixote, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Riding a bike to me, means, acrostically speaking of course,

    Ultimate Freedom
    Really blasting the highway

    Wind in my face
    Action Galore
    Nerves of Steel
    King of the road
    Every woman's dream
    Ride on brothers
    Salute the biker.
  2. ho-hum, we've got another one, who keeps leaving the door to the asylum open????
  3. Welcome to the institution.. um, forum Quixote :shock: :D
  4. Hey, I aint a wanker.
    Well, not all the time. :LOL:
  5. :roll: :roll: :roll:

    how many times have we seen variations on this theme now?
    (there goes another karma point) :cry:
  6. It means a ride as hard as you like...loud screams...instant response to your every whim and bragging rights. :D
  7. all we need now is someone to write a haiku as homage to riding a bike...
  8. Riding in the rain
    makes my bum wet and soggy
    my shoes are still wet
  9. Something i cant explain , just looking at the beast (or any-ones machine for that matter)puts a smile on my face. Only other riders will know where im coming from.
  10. You asked for it!

    Riding my steel tool of love
    Wanky poem dribbles
    Cold cold cold, and again cold.

    I thank you.
  11. How about:

    Will it start or not?
    The headlight flickers dimly
    Damn Joseph Lucas!

    [Edit: Deyago, it isn't a haiku unless the syllables per line run 5-7-5 :wink: ]
  12. What does riding a bike mean to me?

    :D Everything. :D
  13. too many haikus and not enough karma to hand out. :eek:

    i'm so proud of all you guys :applause:
  14. Taken from a line in a movie.

    Bikes, chic dig them!
  15. Aaarrgh! Dammit Gromit! :evil:
    I only just got it sorted after the last time somebody mentioned his name!
  16. I thought it was 7-5-7? Bugger, then the first one is an anti-haiku! Ha! Very biker being anti-something you know.

    My bike the love pump
    Jelous car drivers can get rooted
    Leathers are nice so there.

    Hmmm, not my best effort.....
  17. Sorry titus - henceforth JL shall be referred to only as "he-who-must-not-be-named".
  18. *Sitting on my high horse realising how stupid car drivers are
    *sweaty crotch, and sore groins from uncomfortable supersports
    *the low and the high .... sides

    oh and all that stuff you said about the wind and the speed and the yadda yadda yadda...
  19. I ride
    I ride
    Only towards
    The setting sun