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Warrior question

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by bkdu, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Hi all

    Test rode an M109R the other day and liked it.

    Test rode a 2005 Yamaha Warrior today ... and absolutely loved it. But ...
    30,000k on the clock
    straight through pipes ... although they sound great, needs to be fixed due to blue presence and to keep peace with the neighbours
    integrated tail light/indicators ... also illegal I believe?!
    needs rack with padded sissy bar for the GF

    They (Bike Sales at Nerang, Qld ... anyone know them???) want $16,990. Not very negotiable on price.

    What do you think? Anyone has one, had one, knows the dealer and can provide feedback?

    Really hooked but need some input as I can get a M109R with warranty still for about the same price ... anyway, some pics over here: http://gallery.bkdu.com/main.php?g2_itemId=263

  2. Those pipes look like they were stolen from the engine room of a 1930's ocean liner :LOL:

    I think it looks better than the Suzuki, but I'd buy the Suzuki; you're going to be paying another grand or two to make it legal and less of a target.
  3. Tehehe ... apparently it's some kind of heat shield wrap ... chrome pipes underneath, so all good there :)

    I think you're pretty much spot on. My thoughts were "proper" road worthy (ie exhaust and indicators fixed) and $16.5k cash?! It would be worth it for me that way. Riding both of them, I definitely prefer the Yamaha. Also seems to corner a lot easier than the M109R. Decisions, decisions ... :)
  4. Wow the Warrior looks fantastic.
    The pipes are much the same that I am planning on doing to a Honda Shadow. Thermal Heat Wrap (also to stop my boot from melting to the pipe when I ride) :LOL:

    As hot as the Warrior is I agree with hornet. You will be spending more to take the heat off from the boys in blue (or green if you consider the EPA as well).
  5. You could get a brand new M90 for less than that. 2yrs warranty. A little less grunt than the M109 but more fun in the twisties. :) And still a licence killer if you aren't careful. :angel:
  6. A 2005 Warrior with 30k on it sounds fine. The Warrior engine is bulletproof so I wouldn't worry about that. I own a 2006 Warrior and I would want a lot more than that for it. But I would never dream of selling it.
    As you are aware dealers will always charge top dollar for their stock but to be fair there were only 350 of these brought into australia and 2006 was the last model imported. So they are very rare indeed.
    There are a few warrior riders in Brissy that I know of who will give you more info on the dealer and local prices etc. They can be contacted on www.rswarrior.com (sorry moderators).
    I don't know a lot about the M109 but I hear they are very fast in a straight line but scrape easier than the Warrior will. The M109 will pull away from the Warrior in a straight line drag race but the warrior will (I've heard) leave it for dead in the twisties. "I would love to test this out some time"!
    I wouldn't worry about the 30k on the warrior providing it's been serviced properly. I see the bike has forward controls,double"T" bars and non standard pipes on it so you have a good set up already saving you $$$$. The web site mentioned above will give you all the info you need and is full of ideas and blokes willing to help. But be warned, when you see how well some of these guys have customised their bikes you need deep pockets.
    Reading your comments on your test ride of both bikes speaks volumes though,"you liked" the M109 but "absolutely loved" the Warrior.
    I know of 13-14 Warrior riders including myself who cannot get enough of riding this awsome bike. One guy even owns a new FJR while his warrior is being rebuilt after a spin and he says he can't wait to get back on the warrior. Each to his own, and I am biased but keep this in mind. How many M109's have you seen on the road compared to a Warrior??
    What ever you buy good luck with it and enjoy.
    If you need any more info etc just contact the warrior site or email me i'll be glad to help you.
    Cheers, Tosh
  7. You're right there OU818 ... however, a $400 baffle job will fix that. Dealer said he's got the original indicators as well. Overall not that much money to spend.

    Yep, am aware of that. However, I do like the power and that fat 240 on the M109R. Currently riding a Busa, so I'd probably be missing a bit of power on the M90 ... doesn't look as good as the 109 either.

    Thanks for the very detailed feedback Tosh ... pretty much what I was after. Not necessarily someone saying "yes, buy it", but rather someone who has a Warrior themselves giving a bit of feedback re this one. Yes, it does have quite a bit of work done to it. Dealer reckons it's a "special edition"?! I'd say that's BS and someone just modded a standard Warrior?!
    Anyway, leaning more towards the Warrior myself ... might even get the GF onboard once that wrapping is removed and she shows a bit of blingy chrome :)
    Was thinking of offering 16k cash ... think that's fair?
    Also ... you said you've got a 2006 ... thought Australia only imported the Warrior 'til 2005?

    Wel, thanks to all for your feedback ... now waiting 'til Tuesday to call the guy back :)

    Cheers ... hope you all had a great Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2010
  8. Another thought about the exhaust, most cruiser riders fit after market exhausts which are very loud. I still keep my stock exhaust in the garage just incase I get pulled and my Vance & Hines big shots get defected. (Not happened yet in 3years).
    If you dont have a original "bazooka" I'm confident some of the brissy boys (I know) will send you there's as this is the first thing people take off the warrior. People give them away "no bull".
    Also your bikes exhaust has heat wrapping on it, I would take a guess that the original chrome might be damaged in some way. It's possible though that the original owner just wanted a midnight warrior instead and that was a cheaper option rather than coating his exhaust properly.
    Check the Vin plate to ensure the bike has had it's recalls done. The warriors were recalled for the coil pick up and the TPS sensor. (I think thats all).
    If the VIN plate doesn't have any markings on it tell the dealer to check with Yamaha. If they are not done this should give you some leverage to get some $$$$ off. They may not want to go through the hassle of getting Yamaha repairing the bike. (for free).
    The reason I have a 2006 is because I told the dealer to import one for me. It took 3-4 months for me to get it. I had to leave a large deposit before they did this but I wanted a new one so I was willing to wait. I know of another 2006 in NSW. Not sure if any more were imported.
    Yamaha were doing the same with the new V-max. They wanted a deposit before shipping them over. I think because they knew both bikes will not be massive sellers. Don't really care though I've got one and thats all that really matters.
    I also think offering $16k is fair.
    The warrior is a funny bike, cruiser riders mostly want a bike to carry their missus and all the sh*t that they need for a weekender,so therfore they buy a big lump of a thing which would probably cost $15k brand new. A new warrior was priced at $23,500 brand new. This is a sh*t load of cash for a bike that is in most peoples eyes "a cruiser". It's not until you ride it you realise it's not just a cruiser, It's a cruiser that will scare the crap out of some sportbikes.
    The warrior can still carry your missus etc but not with the stock seat as she will divorce you before 1000k.
    Anyway can't think of anything else to add so enjoy the holidays and hopefully you will receive a belated chrissy present.
  9. I'm confused, are you saying that a dealer can sell you
    an un-roadworthy bike??.

    Tell 'em you want a roadworthy certificate with it??
  10. Tosh, you're a fountain of information ... than you very much for taking the time to respond with so much detail.

    I'll definitely get the wrapping taken off prior to handing over any money. And I'll check re the recalls ... didn't know about those. As for the exhaust, don't like the original (just like everybody else :) ) ... only thing I don't like on the Warrior. Was just going to have some baffles made up at Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals at Springwood.
    Unfortunately I can't afford a new one ... sigh :-({|=

    Hawklord, you're quite right ... will definitely be asking for a road worthy. However, sometimes they're not worth the paper they're written on ... doubt too many people will go through the cost and effort to take them to court over a default notice on an exhaust, etc and rist just having costs but no "justice" set by the courts (another topic alltogether :) ).

    Overall it seems like a good example of a Warrior with some work done to it already. Just wanted to make sure I've got all angles covered ... like eg the recalls that I didn't know about :)

    Cheers and have a fantastic, healthy and successful 2010 everybody
    ... hopefully I'll be riding a shiny Warrior by then :)
  11. Glad to help anytime. Just post back to show us your new ride whatever it may be.

    Hawklord, What i'm saying is that as soon as you have a roadworthy test done whatever happens to the bike, or is fitted to the bike, is not the sellers problem.It may only become a problem when the year is up and you need another roadworthy test.Also as bkdu says "sometimes they are not worth the paper they are written on". After all some dealers are licensed to do this in-house,and will not defect something they want to sell.
    Have a safe New Year fellas!
  12. Well, rang the dealer yesterday and realised once again that I should go with my instincts.
    Mentioned the recalls and he doesn't know anything about them - also says he doesn't know about markings on VIN plate if they've been done.
    Mentioned (illegally) loud exhaust, missing indicators, etc. and he reckons that might be an issue in NSW, but Qld is much more relaxed ... guess he's been living under a rock for the past few years ... or (more likely) lying through his teeth.
    Gave me the usual BS salesman stuff of "you can fix it if you want; has road worthy, etc" ... beats me where he got the RWC from?!

    Anyway, offered 15k and his answer was that he's not budging from 16,990. Every dealer has some play ... and an honest dealer will either reduce price in line with defects or fix the defects themselves. But I guess he knows there aren't many around, so he's biding his time 'til he finds someone desperate and/or stupid enough to take the risk.

    Anyway, staying away from this one for now ... guess I'll keep checking the papers (well, online) for a nice Warrior to pop up somewhere ...

    Thanks to all for your feedback and info ... what did we ever do without forums?! :) .... noooooooooooooo ... not trying to start another thread here :)

    Tosh, yep will definitely post pics ... could be a few weeks or even months off though ... dammit ... was hoping this one would turn out in my favour :)

    Cheers and a happy new year
  13. As a Warrior rider myself, not very objective, but I can tell you that I have 24000 on mine and the engine is hardly broken in. Has plenty of grunt at lower end and more importantly handles very well in the twisties. The other site that Tosh mentioned is a goldmine for ideas. I already lowered mine, put VBAK on added PCIII and now working on new exhaust, so be ready to fork out some extra $$ for mods. All in all I won't be selling my bike for a while. Good luck with a new purchase and see you on WWW2010 :)