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Warrior purchase options

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by bkdu, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Hi all

    Looking at buying a Yamaha Warrior. Money approved etc.

    Currently have my eye on this 2005 and this 2006 model. Got the dealer for the 2006 one down to A$16,500 and just have a couple of questions:

    - would you prefer one over the other year model and why (advantages, improvements, handling, etc)

    - do you think the price for the 2006 model is a fair deal provided the bike checks out as per pics

    Cheers and thanks in advance for your feedback

  2. how bout telling the dealers you have your eye on another identical bike and won't decide who gets your coins til the bikes are between your bum and the tarmac for an evaluation?
  3. Test rides are usually no problem up here (Qld) ... been able to test ride every bike I wanted since I started riding about 6 years ago ... touch wood :)
    The only dealer who initially kicked up a fuss was - funnily enough - Yamaha at Springwood ... but even he caved. Then again, I don't go for test rides unless I'm actually looking to buy and have the money or loan approved - so it's up to the dealer to convince me to buy their product.

    Also looking at an '03 now ... like the look of them better. I know the pillion seat isn't very comfortable, but I won't be carrying anyone on a regular basis, so that's ok.
  4. a dealer in Lismore wouldn't let me test ride a Burgman 400, I didn't buy it....and he still has it....strange isn't it :nopity:
  5. Know what you mean ... there's no way I'd buy a bike without test riding it first.

    In other news ... after making alternate arrangements with my ex re our daughter, I was on my way this morning from Caboolture to Burleigh Heads (close to 2 hour drive) to look at an '03 Warrior as arranged with the owner. Half way down I get a message saying he's decided to go away for the weekend ... #$%^#@!!!
    Kept going as there was another '03 at Nerang ... looked at it and decided to chat to the dealer ... to be told that a guy turned up just before me with a deposit and they're signing the papers as we speak.
    Decided to go drooling in the neighbouring bike dealerships while asking about Warriors ... found out that a dealer is selling one for a private seller - '03 with low k's, gun metal grey and apparently in perfect nick ... for the right price. Waiting for a call back to see if they can get it in for Monday ... it the bike matches the description upon inspection, my search is over :)
    Wish me luck ... pleeeeeease :)

  6. Good luck mate the warriors are a kick arse cruiser

    just recently picked an 05 midnight warrior with V&H pipes, PC3, Big air kit, side scoops and met cruze seat for 12K got me a real bargain :)

    I saw youre on the rswarrior forum Im not on there haven issues with passwords, try and make it out for a ride the boys, been out once with them they are a great bunch and pretty passionate about the warriors.
  7. Congrats on the purchase ... that does sound like a great deal ... usually people have somewhat unrealistic ideas about prices for these.

    Every now and then I find myself drifting towards MT-01 ... but as soon as I see the next Warrior I'm back on the right path :)

    Cheers & hope you're out to enjoy this great sunny Sunday on your pride and joy
  8. How did you go with your purchase???
    Hope you bought one to your liking. The difference in year models is really just the color. There are a few minor cosmetic changes but nothing that changes the handling or the power.
    As Razor pointed out you should check out the Warrior forum there are a lot of great blokes around to ride with in your area and they will gladly help you out with anything.
    Be carefull though you may be biten by the "mod" bug! Hope you have deep pockets LOL!

    Cheers Tosh.