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Warringah Council Rangers are @#$%@$%@#$$

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Faramir, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Not sure if this is off-topic or general. Please ops, move it to the correct section.

    At my local shopping centre, I normally park my bike on a wide "median" strip where shoppers sometimes put their trolleys there (if they are too lazy to take it back to the trolley ramp). Thankfully, the trolley attendants remove the trolleys before I get there. Also this median strip separates parking spaces from the driveway/internal roadway.

    Today, as ususal, I parked my bike on that "median" strip and the council ranger told me to remove my bike off the strip and park my bike in a normal car space. He was about to fine me. After saying a few key words to him, I did move my bike and parked my bike as directed. I wasted an entire car space.

    The reason the ranger gave why I should park my bike in a normal car space includes: "not shopping centre property, it's council property and our rules states that you can't park there." "You are breaking council rules", "nothing should be on there". When I told him that I am wasting a car space that should go to one of the elderly drivers looking for a parking spot, he shrugged his shoulders and said that he didn't care. I then said some more key words.

    I have been fined by Warringah Council Rangers (for other non-bike reasons) in the past. They have fined so many people for so many trivial reasons. They even caused havoc in Backyard Blitz. Parking a bike in any other spot other than a normal car space saves time for both the bike rider and car drivers. Most times, it is hard to find a parking space. This is why I ride my bike there instead of driving my car. I asked the ranger if he was forcing me to drive my car instead. Again he shrugged his shoulders, he just seemed happy to throw his authority/power around.

    Also, this parking area has no bike only parking spaces. We could petition for bikes only spots but I doubt whether or not they would create extra spots. They would probably just take away an existing car space and label it "Bikes Only". Cars will park over this spot if they are desperate for parking.

    This ranger was trying to fine other cars/bikes, so I just stood in front of the number plates (with helmet on) while he was trying to take photos. I don't have a problem if the rangers were fining cars that parked too long, parked in No Stopping/Loading zones, or cars that took up disability spots when they are not supposed to, etc. I have created an extra parking spot for a car by parking up on the strip. Also, it is not a hazard nor is it in anyone's way. Many other bikes do it as well and creates spots for elderly people or mums with babies. At least I do not park on the footpath where shoppers walk along (like one or two bikes I have seen).

    My big regret was not knowing how to do a wheelie or mono or something that would have attracted attention. (Maybe I was wise for not doing that). I couldn't even rev my bike up loud when I was leaving because I didn't want to scare the baby in the next parking space. His mum was trying to place him in the baby seat and I didn't want to offend her. So I shook my head at the ranger, letting him know what I thought of him.
  2. Good one :LOL:
  3. So what you are saying Faramir , is that you think your better than everyone else, just because you ride a bike.
    You stopping the ranger from doing their job, knowing they would know your number plate, and could make a police report saying same,would not have helped you.
    Park your bike in a parking space, your paying for it like everyone else, doesn't matter that you think your doing the right thing.
  4. +1

    Or move to Vic where u can park pretty well anywhere :)
  5. Yes Grange, I am wrong at my local shopping centre. At one shopping centre, there is a bike only parking spot on the median strip/pedestain island. In another shopping there is a bike only spot where cars can not get access to. At my local shopping centre, I am wrong. My particular spot allows me to chain my bike up to a pole. Something I can't do in a normal parking spot.

    Yes, I am over reacting to the ranger. I supposed I was angry with the way they treat others and myself in the past over trivial crap. If I was that ranger and I was not allowed to use discretion, etc. I would say in a polite way "Sorry mate, council rules don't allow you to park your bike up there. I know it sounds funny/odd/strange and if I let you park there, I would get in trouble when my bosses audits me" When the bike rider says "WTF? we're taking away spots from these elder drivers" I might reply "write a letter to the council asking for a new specially built parking spot for bike riders." I would not flash around my trusty ticket machine stating 'look how I can cost you money'.

    I'm not "better" cos I ride a bike. Other drivers get their needs like Disability Spots, Pram Spots, Loading Zones, Australia Post Only, RTA Examiners only, etc. A bike only spot would actually help and not hinder car parking spots.

    Anyway, if I'm very wrong, I will drive my car there next time.
  6. Faramir, are you sure that the council "owns" the parking lot? When I lived in Mona Vale, the council was contracted to monitor/manage the Woolworths parking area (yes, I know that is in Pittwater council's area). I'd have to agree that some of the rangers are jerks when it comes to fines etc. And let's not forget the debacle with council workers not getting fined when parking on the verge whilst ratepayers were.

    BTW. What shopping centre did your little altercation occur at... Warringah Mall, Dee Why?
  7. which shopping centre? warringah mall? pls tell.

    do what i do, i.e. since councils generally dont give a toss about bikes ( and we recently just lost an unlimited parking spot in manly opposite the beach ), gleefully park in a car spot. all the time.

    yesterday i got one directly opposite to the entrance to warringah mall upstairs. several cars stopped, hoping i'd go by, but i pulled up, parked and gave them all a big smile. ( should have waved )

    so pls, go ahead and take a car spot. maybe they will get the message and give us more designated bike spots.

    applause to all Vic riders, you lucky bastards!
  8. hey phiz i used to work in roger st and there was a few coming togethers between one of our buys and the local brown.(they hold no authority as we found out) and if we're talking about the Mall then parking there at most times is total crap. bike, cage or whatever.
  9. There's a parlour or two in that street... weren't working there were we? :grin:

    Agreed, the Mall is sh*t at the best of times (I park over near Vinnies when it's really busy and walk down). I've been caught trying to leave the mall car park (with 30 minutes left on the parking ticket) and ended up paying for an extra hour due to traffic congestion on the exit! Only time I had it good was when I had a disabled permit whilst my leg was broken (if that's a good thing) or had my EX-mother-in-law (who also holds a disabled permit) with me. Then you end up with the best spots in the car park negating circling like a hungry shark looking for a feed.

    The rangers aren't consistent in Warringah at the best of times... I used to have a shop in Fisher Rd (Dee Why) and the SE direction is "no stopping" 6-9.30am AND 3.30-6pm weekdays. They come out in force every afternoon rain, hail or shine to book people. I watched 'em do that for so many years whilst leaving cars that are parked in the 1 hour spaces on the opposite side of the road unmonitored (a car remained in one of these spots for 3 weeks without getting a ticket).

    Funny thing though, they used to pull up in the same zone on Fisher Road they were regulating. One day I stood conspicuously with a camera in my hand watching them as they were issuing tickets. Since that time, the rangers park their vehicles in the Salvation Army church's car park (they arrive at 3.25pm and start booking at 3.35-3.40pm).
  10. Man NSW sucks.. Last night I rode to a shopping mall and parked my bike right outside the door (well.. to the side of course, but on the footpath area) with two other bikes.

    It's so convenient that its legal for us to do so in Victoria.. They should really change the laws in NSW. (I grew up there and may go back one day so I'd like to see that!)
  11. is true about VIC but its a bit hard to move all the builingd here back by a few metres.
    no i did not work in the 'parlour' although their clients sometimes must have got carried away and came back to a winscreen tag.
    bastards tried to book my bosses dog as not on a leash as they were talking to him about this that and whatever.
    got me
  12. Round up as many bikes as you can, all go and park in there in adjacent car parks one Saturday morning. Do it legally and let the Council know you will keep doing this on the occasional Saturday until they allocate some sensible bike parking space.

    I'm sure you can find sufficient Sydney Netriders who'd love to have a coffee over there some weekends.
  13. Is it an area the council have the legal authority to patrol?
    Unless it's been "gazetted" and falls within certain criteria its private land.
    I'd check.
  14. So I should just do what I'm told, not what I think is right? Obviusly in some situations, yes is the answer, but in this case I don't see why people can't apply logic to the situation not just saying 'its illegal'. Tell me WHY its illegal! And if you have a real reason I would be happy to move...
  15. please move on sir.. you're casuing a scene. as per section 4 paragraph 9 line 6.
  16. Parking rangers are the lowest of the low.

    I'd run them over if I thought I'd get away with it.

    Did you get the ranger's name?
    Write to the council, say you had a legitimate parking enquiry for one of their rangers, and you were given a threat instead of an explanation.

    Also: run them over, if you think you can get away with it.
  17. i got a classic of a ranger 'incident' but it would cause too much back and forth so ill keep it to myself.
    could have run him over though..
  18. FYI: Unless it's a proper parking space it is illegal to park above the curve or on a median strip in any built up area in most/all councils. I thought it was common knowledge.
  19. sorry dad
  20. at the risk of incurring the wrath of the netriders here, i don't think they are all a**holes.

    Today i pulled up in my ute to grab a coffee, went to the ticket machine and it was out of order. I had noticed the rangers around the corner as i was pulling up.

    I went up to them and asked if i should buy a parking ticket from one of the other machines about 100 meters away.

    The said don't worry about it. if the machine on the street you are parking on isn't working we aren't gonna hassle you. They wished me a happy weekend and off they went.

    This might be the exception to the rule though.....