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warranty void

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by rangir, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. OK guys,I've just bought my first NEW bike and want to service it myself (dont really fancy paying dealer a coupla hundred just for them to drop the oil and run a spanner over the bike at the first 1k) Where am I at if I need a warranty repair and my book's not stamped ?? Been working on all things mechanical for years but never had an active warranty on any of them to worry about.

  2. Warranty won't be valid unless its serviced at a licensed mechanic.
  3. thought as much - ta
  4. But doesn't have to be a dealer, I believe, just a licenced mechanic.
  5. f uck them, what if you lose the book?

    its still under warranty
  6. Isn't the first service free in most cases?
  7. Mine wasn't. But I didn't let the original dealer do the service - got it done by another Kawasaki dealer for half the price.
  8. You have rights under the manufacturers warranties act which technically would overide their written warranty. But if you want to be sure contact your local office of business and consumer affairs and get a ruling in writing if possible, if its in your favour file it away with your warranty book.
  9. Not unless you negotiate it in the purchase price usually
  10. So if you are a qualified mechanic and service it yourself is it still covered under warranty?? Even if the book isnt stamped?
  11. The book needs to be stamped. If you are a qualified mechanic just get an ABN and have a stamp made all this will cost less than $100. I did this and make up an invoice when I service the cars. I always buy genuine parts and keep the invoice to prove so. As far as a dealer refusing warranty it depends on the nature of the complaint. If it has nothing to do with servicing they have to provide warranty.
  12. what he said
  13. if i paid for a new bike and they didn't honor the warranty, i would not be happy

    otherwise whats the point of buying new?

    you don't need a mechanic to change the f uckin oil

    i had a road trail and there wasn't any book to stamp
  14. Ok just to clear things up
    No it's not a mechanic that can sign your book or stamp it.
    It is the licensed repair center that has the authority. Not the mechanic.... That is how the law is worded and how it works.

    So the man with the golden stamp is the service manager. That cranky, lazy and always busy little man behind the counter.
    If you have spent big bucks in my shop and are loyal. And I know you have the nouse to undo a nuts and refill the bike with the required amount of oil.... And you buy the parts off me and didn't forget my bottle of McCullams single malt for xmas.
    I'm gunna let you do it and stamp your forehead as well as the book.
    Long as you keep buying off me and I do the major services. And it looks good when I do.

    You watlz in, by a bike for less than it cost me with floor interest and wages. And then turn up eleven months later trying to claim warranty and crying you have lost your book...lol that's old and has no value to me or the manufacturer
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  15. It always amazes me how people form all walks of life, scream blue murder when warranty issues are not honored because they don't understand how the warranty system works for their particular product, they either don't ask about it or don't read the warranty contract in the 1st place.

    Some manufacturers specify a certain place/s to get the services done and some also state that OEM parts must be used.
    Some even state a different set of rules for the same product used in different situations.

    In this day and age book services are only good to hand onto the next owner, For warranty most OEM dealers log onto a database and input serial No's and service etc, so that if you move interstate any warranty issues can be sorted out quicker.

    My company deals in machinery that sells between 25k to 2.2mill, and they all sign the warranty paperwork [ admission that they have read and understand the conditions ]
    We get at least one warranty argument a week, most end up in court and 99.9 cases end up costing the customer court fees/plus the repair to his/her machinery/plus the downtime on said machine, which can add up to 10k a day in lost revenue.

    ALL our new machinery has a 50hr 1st service [ free service on parts labor and travel ] You might think all thats done on a 1st service is change the oil and filters, but while doing this a lot of other checks are made and problems that the untrained eye cant are either rectified / noted as a future possible problem, or arrangement's get made to return to repair the problem or if a more intense problem is found, the machine can even be 'tagged out' and not used till the problem is rectified.

    eg: an oil and filter change takes 20minutes yet a 1st service on a 30tonne excavator takes 3hrs and the same service on a 200tonne rock crusher takes 2days !

    Its no good calling us for a warranty claim and we can see your 1st service was not done and your machine has over 250hrs on it !

    But I digress,
    Sure save yourself the cost of OEM servicing during the warranty period at your own risk, and have your bike off the road for weeks while the Dealer tracks down all your past servicing and gets the OK from the OEM that your claim will be honored.
    Or get the correct service done as per the book / warranty states and then IF you get a warranty problem the problem can be dealt with fairly quickly.
  16. I haven't had a new bike for centuries, nor a new car, but I heard Ultra-Tune (NOT a plug) advertising recently that they can do warranty services.... perhaps some bike mechanics can too?
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  17. The way I look at servicing and warranty is this, how probable is it for my bike to break and how much would it cost to fix vs. how much does dealer servicing cost.

    $350+ per service, four times a year. Even a fairly catastrophic failure comes pretty close to what it costs to service it for a year or two.
  18. Any authorized service center can service your bike.
    Even the Manufacturer has no say in that. Our fed's made it so.
    They can spec OEM parts. But I would be testing that for filters and all other perishables
    And yup everything on your bike is logged through head office.
    You come in with complaint.
    I decipher for the tech department. And take a pic and write a report and email it.
    They send back an approval number so work can begin...Or not.
    Not usually means you have missed a service or two. Don't matter if your book is stamped. Bout now my Dealer principle is asking for receipts. You say such and such did it. We ring to check. If I don't come up with that service, the bike doesn't get touched. Or I am paying for the repairs out of my pocket.
    Nothing happens without the approval of head office.
  19. If you've spent serious cash on the bike, why would you run the risk of having to pay serious cash on a repair when warranty will cover it if you follow procedures..?

    read Bob's post carefully and scale down the machinery and time!!
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