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..warranty on soft gear...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by malJohann, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. I bought all my gear along with the purchase of my bike at PS Melbourne. Now, 8 months on my A*s 365 left glove is coming apart at one seam, and my RST Pro Series Ventilator IV rain liner zippers are also unravelling in several places at the seams.

    What's the warranty on soft gear like in Australia, would I be able to claim on these?
  2. Depends on the item. You should have gotten some pieces of paper attached to the gloves, the warranty details hides on them.

    Take them back to PS and see what they say - good luck.

    Now, so you know, regardless of brand or expense I'm lucky to get 8 months from pair of summer gloves before they start 'coming apart'.
  3. Take em back to the shop with evidence of purchase and ask them. Under 12 months most will repair or replace.
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  4. b12mickb12mick just curious as to why you only get 8 months.
  5. To be honest I don't know. I've been riding 19 years and only had 2 pairs of winter gloves, but summer gloves don't last long at all. My current pair are 2 years old but the leather on 2 of the fingers has been 'falling apart' for 12 months. They are $50 RJays vented. I once paid $150 on a pair of Alpinestar gloves and they didn't last the summer before the finger tips were cracking and had holes in them.

    Someone suggested it's because my hands sweat a lot.
  6. ^^Thanks for that. I guess it could also be the constant use of throttle and bars that breaks the stitching.
  7. As I say, I have no idea why. The sweat thing kind of makes sense and I only wear winter gloves if the temp is below 10c and even then only on long rides.
  8. I had a pair of Alpine* leather gloves with a seem that came away on my index finger. Teammoto took them back and Alpine were supposed to repair it. Was without my gloves for a month at which point Alpine* admitted they lost my pair. Teammoto gave me a new pair to replace without any hassle.
  9. Geez b12mickb12mick , I would get frostbite if I tried that. My hands get so cold, I've been seriously thinking about heated grips on my next bike (which I'm going to look at this weekend!!)

    GrrilaGrrila they lost them? Glad to hear you got a replacement pair.
  10. As I said, my hand sweat a lot. My wife has heated hand grips on her bike. The most comfortable setting I've found is OFF.
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  11. Yeah it was a good outcome but I was surprised that I didn't get a replacement pair straight up. Seems to be the norm these days that manufacturers get first rights in fixing items first before a replacement is even mentioned.
  12. I had a pair of A* GPX gloves that wore through the synthetic suede palms in less than 2000 km.
    Replaced with a pair of Held Short Race gloves. These are still in very good condition after 2 years daily (summer and fine weather) use.
  13. Shit I'm still wearing the gloves I had overseas for about 15yrs of daily commute, rain or shine. After another 15 yrs in storage they're fine (if a little unfashionable but I could give a rats). Maybe they made 'em better in the old days (old fart comment noted... :) )
  14. double post iPhone again... :(
  15. I'm not supposed to ask this question these days, but bugger it, b12mickb12mick, are you hot? ;)
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  16. Before going to PS City today I had a look at the zips on my RST gear and decided that I could fix it myself with a needle and thread, so I didn't tag that along.

    I went with my A*s 365 gloves and chatted to one of the sales ladies behind the soft gear counter. She said they'd need to send it back to the supplier and that the repair would take weeks.

    Conundrum! I commute daily, ignoring the protection risk, its getting cold and wet here in Melbourne, so I'd have to commute without gloves for weeks, or I'll have to buy another set in the interim.

    Kind of defeats the purpose though doesn't it?
  17. I found that the wrist strap on my RJAYS gloves started to pull apart due to the constant Velcro ripping on and off due to daily use.
    In the end i decided i didn't need a wrist strap and cut them both off.. gloves have been awesome ever since.
  18. Yes, very. But not in a good way.
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