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Warranty on a Ninja 650

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by aqva, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. Hello guys, i recently had my bike serviced and the mechanic found two problems on my new ninja 650. The first is a slight Oil leak, and the second is a slight coolant leak (It leaks all over the right side fairing and exhaust) I bought it brand new from Peter Stevens in the CBD in Melbourne about a month if not a month and a half ago and have clocked about 1800kms. Can anyone give me the run down on how to follow up with the warranty? I was advised by the mechanic after he tightened everything that if it remained i should contact PS and get it fixed. Mechanic used all OEM parts so i in no way have voided the warranty in any way shape or form, it seems like PS clearly didn't assemble the bike correctly.

    I'd also like to know if i will be charged on pick up / delivery of the bike and if that goes onto the warranty.

  2. My 2c only...

    It's brand new and under warranty so I can't see an issue here. if leaks do continue then ring PS and get them to look into it. Anything faulty would be replaced under warranty.

    I would guess they would charge to pick up your bike, are you not able to get it there yourself?
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  3. Thanks mate, i sent them an email but as it's Sunday i won't get a reply. I'll follow up with a call. I also won't be able to bring in the bike as I'm working and will be flat out.

    It's a shame too, nice weather. I was riding it everyday but now i have stopped because of the leaks and if they do take it it will probably be with them for a week, two or maybe three.
  4. PS probably won't look at it unless the leaks are obvious, so you may need to do a few rides. If they can't see the problem they can't fix it. Also, isn't the first service due at 1000k? They may arc up if you waited until 1800k.
  5. It was serviced, i serviced it somewhere else. Which was by a registered mechanic who used all OEM parts. (Serviced at 1200kms if i remember correctly)

    Also they will be able to see it as i clearly can, not to mention when you ride coolant leaks on the outside of the right fairing, a bit on the exhaust and some inside the fairing.
  6. All warranty repairs must be directed back to the selling dealer or another agent endorsed by the manufacturer ( ie : another Kawasaki dealer ).

    If PS want to be pricks about it, they are within their rights to tell you that those two leaks are not claimable under the manufacturer's warranty now that someone else has tampered with it.

    Your mechanic should have known that and directed you back to the dealer before touching your bike.

    The warranty is otherwise unaffected.

    Have you read your owner's manual and warranty information ?
  7. Mechanic took pictures of the bike, and leaks prior to tightening the bolts which he showed me when i went to picked the bike up (Such as the oil drain plug) And was told if the bike leaks again i need to take it back to PS if it's on warranty and get it fixed.
  8. That's fine, but like I said, they are now within their rights to deny any warranty claims directly related to the parts your mechanic touched.

    If you do have the same problems again, do not tell the dealer that your mechanic even looked at your bike, it will only give them an excuse.
  9. I just went out in the garage and inspected my bike, there's a small little pin hole which i guess is right under the water pump. I can see some green coolant stain on the right side bolt. Could be the reason why it was getting on my exhaust. Still not sure on how it's getting on the inside of my fairing right behind the front wheel and some to the right lower out side of my fairing.

    I took some pictures but cant fcuking upload them.
  10. Edit, just cleaned it, yep to me looks exactly like a little hole right in the water pump. And on a 2015 model none the less. Greta job Kawasaki.
  11. Should be ok then. Good luck with them. Take your receipts for the service with you.
  12. I may be wrong (my wife says I'm always wrong), but as long as a licensed motor mechanic performed the service and used OEM parts, your warranty is still valid. I know that with Honda that is the case. Notwithstanding, it is advisable to have the first service performed by the selling dealer.

    Maybe a quick call to Kawasaki Australia (HQ in Rydalmere NSW) or another Kawasaki dealer today to confirm.
  13. Simply untrue,

    Car/bike manufactures have been trying to pushing this line for years in an effort direct all servicing back their way.

    You have a right to take your machine for servicing wherever you like as long as they are qualified, dealer will still have to honor the warranty.
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  14. The situation as described by you will not void your warranty, for others out there with new bikes I would recommend you get the first service done by the selling dealer if at all possible, it can save you time and stress.
    The new bike warranty is provided by the manufacturer and as long as you follow the terms of the warranty as written in your documentation, the dealer has no choice but to honour it.
  15. My bike was taken to peter Stevens today, I already knew where it was coming from (small pinhole underneath the water pump) which was leaking coolant and a bit of oil. Also sure the radiator cap was busted as it was leaking coolant inside the front end fairing behind the front wheel.

    Funny enough PS didn't even call me or anything to say they received my bike, i had to contact the delivery driver, and neither did PS call to tell me if they looked at the bike today or anything else. I told them over the phone yesterday i think i know the problem but knowing these people they will probably just claim i need a new motor and take that money straight from Kawasaki or ask me to pay up.

    Don't know how I'll live with no bike for a week, two, or maybe three weeks (I know they will take long).

    It is true, i asked the mechanic as well, my warranty is STILL valid for 2 years (express warranty). My tax invoice for the service etc.. is all under the seat so if they ask it's all there.
  16. I thought I'd post a quick update, it's the 8th and i still have not received back my bike which would have taken an hour fix at tops with a 13$ dollar part. Last week i called because they clearly wouldn't and one guy verified there was a coolant leak but he never once mentioned anything about an oil leak and or anything leaking inside the right end fairing. They clearly just went with "Oh, this guy said there was a pinhole under the water pump rubber seal, better just replace that and not look at anything else".

    I was told by Tuesday they should have received that part for the pump, never received one call. Today on my day off i called PS five times but the phone was busy (No big deal, I'll deal with it). I finally connect and get some bloke to connect me to service department. Waiting 3-4 minutes while it continuously rings and no one picks up. Wait 20 minutes, call again, connect, waiting another 2-3 minutes and no one picks up.

    They can get fcuked, for anyone else i warn you don't leave your bike with PS when it comes to a service, it's bad enough they fcuk you around when it comes to warranty fixes.

    I'll never ever let them touch my bike ever again after this, never again. Now i can see why even PS staff don't let their mechanics touch their bikes.
  17. That's frustrating as mate, sorry to hear. Hopefully it'll be sorted soon.

    The only mitigating factor here is time of year - staff can be away, parts suppliers still half on hols, etc - so service can be dreadful sometimes all over the place. Not defending PS as such - just it is still silly season as far as business goes.
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  18. Irrelevant, don't claim and pretend like a part will be coming on this set day and or fixed when in reality it will probably take another week or two. Once i receive the bike back god knows when I'll get it checked out top to bottom by a local mechanic to make sure everything is screwed on properly and the right way regardless of cost.

    I don't trust them one bit especially with everything else I've been reading, hell i wouldn't be surprised if i find a dinger in my fuel tank.
  19. Yeah I hear ya. Customer service can be a major issue - certainly seems to be the case here even if they are having issues as I suggested. Maybe time to demand a replacement bike while they bugger around with yours - may get them moving faster?
  20. That's what i was thinking about, I'll wait until tomorrow and see if i get a call. If not I'll call up and see if i can get any updates on my bike. If i get fcuked around more I'm jumping in my car and driving down to PS.