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NSW Warranty Issues

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bax, May 11, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    Would like to know if anyone has ever had a right to a warranty claim refused due to any loop hole the bastards could find?
    If so, have you challenged and how did you go?

  2. Can't say I've had an issue with any car or bike warranty claim but have had an issue with a microwave and mobile phone that they were trying to put back onto me.

    I've found that if you keep pushing the point firmly but politely they generally come around especially if the fix is not really too expensive, their just happy to fix it and get rid of the PITA factor.

    If not the warranty is not the only doc thats important. The Trade Practices Act and probably more importantly the Fair Trading Act (NSW) give you a good base to make claims regardless of whether they are specifically included or excluded in the warranty doc itself. More info on that here:

    My mum did take a business to the CTTT and won after they quoted $300 to repair some cast iron and then at the end provided an invoice of $1200. Not having great language skills and the CTTT not allowing lawyers (or anyone else to represent her) meant that she was very intimidated about going and on more than one occasion was ready just to back out but was really glad she stuck it out in the end.
  3. I once threatened to insert an XBOX 360 into a sales manager at Myer, in the middle of the sales floor.
    I got a new XBOX 360...
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  4. What is the claim if you dont mind me asking? Do your research, try and know more about the problem then they do. You can use this to try and negotiate and if all else fails ring an ombudsman and try and see where you stand.
  5. I had a wonky PS2 and tried to get it sorted with the Big W I bought it from. After a couple of months of backwards and forwards, I finally got to see the manager in person who grabbed the wonky unit off me and stormed off to the electrical department. He then proceeded to do up a store credit for me.. although we had agreed over the phone to replace the item.

    More people had gathered around to be served and so I asked loudly if he was going to replace the unit as promised or was he going to shit on me? He stared at me, saw the other people and went and got me a new PS2.

    It pays to speak up.
  6. Ok thanks all, starting to see where this may head.
    Ampto.. the problem is a fault that has been detected on a certain make of bike.. but mine has suffered some pretty expensive damage, so seeing that they haven't experienced anyone else with the same problem, think its not covered!!
    I will be going through Fair Trade if they don't come to the party.
  7. I think with the limited information, it's near on impossible for anyone to answer the question. You need to be a bit more specific, like the issue, maybe the cause and what is the damage and why isn't it covered. Also is it a factory warranty or one of those BS aftermarket ones?
  8. Sure Cazzo.. but I'm just waiting to hear back from them first before I unleash with all the details, basically I'm just preparing for the worst and work back from there.
    But its a CCT fault that seized the engine.. the extent of damage is yet to be assessed by slow working mechanics!!
    Warranty is factory .. plus one of those dealer BS ones as well!
  9. Refer my signature..

    Sometimes it takes a bit of cash and compromise to get out of these situations. I was after a complete replacement with mine though, not a fix like your issue. 7 attempts told me they couldn't fix it.

    I didn't have any damage like you, but I came out ahead of where I would have been if there had been no issues, and the dealer had some cash flow. I came out a few grand ahead if I had of tried to trade and didn't have repeated issues with the bike.

    Damage is a bit of a corker as there is always a line in the warranty excluding improper use or damage caused by the user. Very easy to justify this with visible damage.

    Good luck mate.
  10. I had a warranty claim declined by Suzuki for a Dr650. The tab that the bolt that holds the pillion grab rail- one of those snapped off.

    They claimed that it was because I had been riding it off road. Which it probably was, it was a freaking dual sport so I rode it off road. It shouldnt do that, them denying was bullshit i hought

    I couldnt be bothered disputing it, I just epoxy welded it back up as it was under the rear plastic and you couldnt tell. Life is too short to spend months arguing with idiots over a $10 fix.

    It sours me off Suzuki though, i was considering buying a new vstrom, but even though i own two i am not sure i would buy a new Suzuki anymore.
  11. Unbelievable isn't it, they sell you the warranty and then they look for all the minuets to help themselves exclude it. The one thing going for me is the fact that the part that has caused this is a well known fault, just my extent is out of the ordinary to what they have experienced.
  12. Ok, the extra cover you got does not start until your manufacture warranty expires.
    CCT??? wasn't an 2010 R1 was it. Very common with them. Or any Honda.
    So anywho, the std procedure when a warranty claim comes in...any warranty claim.
    Bike comes in. I translate the verbal abuse into some form of fault with the bike. I take pic's then write up a report. I then check the bikes service history...this is a biggy. I want stamps for every service or I know Tech central...head office is going to knock the claim back.
    Now if the bike is serviced by us and we sold it too you, I don't have to do that as I would already have submitted your service history into HO when I did the service.
    As I was friends with the guy at HO I could use a little pull with them on your bike. But only a little...very little.
    Head office tech center has the call.....and no you cant contact them. Many a time I felt like giving out the number though.
    The bike industry is over full with overweight ego's.
  13. Interesting mate, who do you work for? Yes to all the above, bike meets servicing schedules, I'm just in an unlucky position that's no fault of my own. Thing that annoys me, is there throwing all kinds of jargon at me, from stale fuel to no oil in the top end. ??? How??? Bikes been used virtually every day!
  14. Does sound like your getting the run around.
    Go in and ask for a letter from Kawa/Yamaha.. Head office technical center stating that the bike has been rejected from it's claim. Because ......??????
    So you can proceed with this through the relevant parties. use to be ACCC now it's another gov branch. State pending of course.
    And no I don't work for any of the scum anymore ha ha. I'm finally free and completely out of it. Did work for most Marques though and the procedure I spoke of was the same at most shops and Marques.
    Bikes have always been pretty good with warranty. cars are so much worse. Don't ever buy a Ford if you want warranty or service.
    Aprillia would have to be the worst I have dealt with in the bike industry. Hyo the busiest.
    If it's a new bike it should show fault codes. Stale fuel would show up as rich.
    No oil in the top end or not getting there ??? ha ha. It would have run very hot and very noisey and not run for long. An oil pump failure or neglectful service would put the onus back on them anyway.
    Your obligation is to have that bike serviced on time at any authorized MOTORCYCLE workshop. Have your book stamped and that's it.
    When dealing with these people the less you say the better ok. Simple words like unacceptable work a treat. Your power isn't in what you say but what you could do.
    So say nothing. It's not worth going off at the shop. cause half the time when all else fails they will contribute to the repairs to keep you as a customer.
    So yeah just say unacceptable. Ask for the letter of rejection to be mailed to your home address and say sorry I will have to take this further if the matter cant be resolved.
    Try not to get the shop off side.
  15. Brett, really appreciate that info, just what I needed to know!! They did ask what happened, and the way you described the fuel and no oil now makes perfect sense. Luckily I've been keeping a lid on things with the work shop, 3 weeks already, and was going to starting serving out threats!! Will play it cool, and use that valuable technique of shutn my mouth :). Cheers mate. Last thing I heard was that HO had given permission for the mechanics to delve further into the engine, so I'm hoping that might be a good sign.
  16. Some good advice there. Unaceptable was one of the main words I used with the Hyodung.

    It's in the shop's best interest to keep you onside. You are a potential future customer, but they don't need rude customers. Take the emotion out of it ***as much as you can***.
  17. That means it's on their bill. Which is good.
    It's for their own good too. If it's a new bike. Some models we get when the rest of the world does. So shoite can happen. A wrong fuel map that was not detected or a dodgy supplier of a part.
    Keep the shop on side and yeah make HO the enemy. Suprised the shop has not swung it that way already. I use to when I just could not be farked :)
  18. Work shop just wants to know who's paying before they do anything, but it's just being pushed aside. BTW is there a fair period of time for these sort of things? You'd think the WS would want it out of the way!
  19. Btw Data Q, did you basically have to trade your Hyo in for the other bike, or was it gifted to you? Sucks they stuffed u round for so long, but reputation kept me away from the brand. But the shit that my bike is going through, is almost making me lose faith in it aswell.
  20. Time is like a bit of elastic. As they ARE working on it... I know.
    If they have given approval for an invasive inspection I am thinking they are leaning towards fixing it.
    Soon as they give the nod on warranty, jump all over them for a loaner as it has ALREADY cost you considerable time and inconvenience