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VIC Warranty claims, how do they work

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by 3lud13, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. So bikes broken down have no spark even after replacing spark plugs. Brand new bike 200km from home needing tow truck as I believe coil or something is dead which surely has to be covered by warranty only had it a couple of months.
    I'm assuming bike must go back to registered dealership or is it like servicing and can take it to any mechanic.
    Also weekdays the chances of getting reimbursed for tow truck as roadside assistance won't do anything, my insurance policy has roadside assistance and the bike purchase also came with separate roadside assistance neither of which will take mgt bike back to melbourne

  2. Id be ringing the dealer and telling them what happened and that your having the bike dropped back to them for repair
  3. I phoned dealership but they not very helpful as workshop was closed so only could talk to sales staff who told me to call racv as the bike was sold with roadside assist (which I found strange) roadside assist told me nothing they could do except take it to their depot which is no closer or any more helpful than its current location
  4. tell them to tow back to dealer
  5. As said above by jeffco.
    You should not have to bear any expense .
    Very diplomatic of you to not identify your bike's manufacturer, by the way! ;)

    At two months old, any dealer worth his salt should be jumping through hoops to get you mobile and happy again. If no joy, find the number of the distributor for your State. It might offer an after-hours number.

    Just my 20 cents worth.
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  6. Signature says "2015 hyosung gv650 aquila classic", unfortunately that may be a reason ??

    Where exactly are you stuck 3lud133lud13 ?
  7. Am in Ballarat got a lift not far off now, yes it is hyosung second one now first one I had no problems with until I had a little slide and insurance didn't want to pay for replacement parts so for a new replacement bike and this one has given me a few issues now unfortunately
  8. I would be raising the issue of roadside assist with the dealer you got the bike from, as it doesn't seem you got any today?
  9. Already raised it with insurance company and they not happy about it as they claimed they requested a bike specific person to be sent out
    But yes come Monday morning a few nice words will be spoken down at Peter Stevens
  10. Glad you got under way keep us updated
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  11. No surprise.

    Don't let it go.
    You've bought a dealer new vehicle which has failed.

    JeffcoJeffco is spot on - make it the dealer's problem.
    Do not engage in negotiation. Bike is not fit for purpose.

    Good luck.
  12. Honestly I didn't want the bike from Peter Stevens initially I bought it in qld but had an accident girlfriend insisted I get it replaced instead of a pay out which is what I would have preferred than a replacement from Peter Stevens