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warranties on private sales in Vic?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RavenWolfe, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,
    Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct forum this time..? :oops:
    I'm going with a friend to have a look at a bike for sale through a private sale on Sunday. I'm just wondering if there are any warrenty laws regarding private sales in Victoria? I do know that I need to make sure that the bike isn't under finance. I don't know the guy who is selling the bike & I'm not sure if he belongs to this site.
    I'm also a bit suspicious, as I've read that you should look at a 'cold' & he'll be riding it down to a designated meeting place... My friend has been riding for 10 years or more, would he be able to pick up any fault if the bike is warm?
    Thanks guys :)

  2. Nope.

    No warranty on private sale.

    Buyer beware.
  3. Hmmmmm So tread very carefully then...
    :) Thanks PVDA.
  4. One of the golden rules of checking a vehicle out IS to check it when it's cold. If it has problems starting, then this will show up. Any mechanical issues, they may manifest themselves better when cold. eg: Honda CBR1000F models with cam chain tensioner problems were loud when cold but fine when warm.

    Also, a good thing about checking the bike at the fellow's address is that you have bricks and mortar to reference when checking rego papers, etc.. Also, get his HOME number, not merely his mobile. Plenty of bikes get stolen and they're easier to rebirth than cars.

    Be careful. Hopefully your mate is fairly astute in this area.

    Also, with respect to used bike warranties, dealers aren't obligated to provide a "used bike" warranty, either, other than what's remaining on any new bike warranty if applicable. You can thank the Kennett government for that one. This present mob hasn't done anything about changing it back, either.

    Good luck.
  5. Thanks MJT57. :)
    We’re only looking at the bike tomorrow. I’ll be asking if I can pick the bike up from his house if the sale goes ahead… That way we’ll be able to give it another look-see & check it when its cold.
    Okay, I’ll make sure to grab his home no. as well. I’ve got his work no. And he seems to work there as that’s were I called him to make arrangements.
    So even dealers aren’t obliged to offer a warranty? I didn’t know that. I'll remember that when looking around at dealerships.
    Hmmmm Anyone know the mechanical problems with a Kawa ZZR250?
  6. Good luck with it.

    If you can, tell him that you'd like to inspect the bike when it's cold and to hear it start. If he has a problem with that, then tread carefully.
  7. Make sure it comes with a RWC. Do your homework on it to make sure it isn't stolen or under finance (vehicles register).
    If there isn't a RWC, negotiate a BIG drop in price!
    ZZR250's are nice bikes and still being sold new here. My neighbor bought/leased a new one 12 months ago and has put just over 1000k's on the clock (it will be a good pickup when he upgrades..)
  8. I've been really thinking about this the past day or two. :? I might call him to see if I can have a look at it as his place while it's cold. As you pointed out , if there's nothing wrong with the bike, then he should be okay with my request. (I'm sure my friend will want to check it while cold, seems that I keep forgetting to tell him each time I talk to him. :oops: )
    Thanks for your advice MJT57.... It's much appreciated! :D
  9. Thanks Ashes. :)
    I know that it’s registered, for 10-12 months I think. Can you register a bike when it’s not road worthy?
    It’s a ’92 model, with under 20,000 kms on it (Thought my friend said he’ll soon know if the kms are correct when he sees it.). The current owner said he brought it in 2002, (it was a friends wife’s bike) to get to work when he worked close to his home. But since he moved suburbs to work he doesn’t have the time to ride it. Supposedly never dropped or crashed (not by him at any rate), always keep under cover, well looked after. Has the bike manual, full service history of the bike & even has the original brochure from when it was brought new! :eek: He’s asking 3500, that’s with gear that came with the bike when he brought it. I don’t want the gear as I’ve have my own & he said he’d be happy to knock a few hundred off without the gear. Does it sound okay? Though I intend to do my homework on the bike if I decide to take it. I don’t want to get a bike only to have it repossessed or have the cops take it off me. :wink:
  10. You will need a "fresh" RWC certificate to transfer the registration into your name. I think the RWC cannot be older than 30 or 60 days.

    It's unlikely the bike only has 20000 k's on it. As the bike is a 13yo, keep some dollars aside for a full service/tune and items like chain, sprockets, tyres etc. if it's a goer.
  11. Ahhhh okay.
    Yeh, I though that it was odd that for a bike that old to have so few kms on it. (19,500 was what it said in the ad) It's only had two owners, the guy that owns it now & the lady he brought it from (who brought it new.)
    Organize a full service for it if we decide to take it. :) Will do.
  12. 20,000 is possible if it clearly has had only 2 owners but thats around 1500k per year on average which is increadibly low for that period of time. If they are genuine, it sounds like a great buy.
  13. Raven,

    It may also pay to speak to a few local bike shops and see if they do pre-purchase inspections. For less than $100 you'll know what will be required, and what may be required in the short term.

  14. Yah getting a bike shop to do a pre purchase inspection is a very good idea.

    Some people are reluctant to have people come to thier house as they are concerned that people are really trying to find bike locations so they can steal them (yes that does happen).

    A good compromise is inspecting the bike cold at a bike shop after the bike shop has done the inspection.
  15. Regarding Ashes comment, the lady he brought it from barely rode it which is why she sold it in the first place. And the current owner purchased it as he was working 5 minutes from home at the time. But we'll know more tomorrow.

    Can a bike shop be trusted with that kind of thing? Especially one that has a mechanic in it…? Anyone know of any trustworthy bike shops in Melbourne for after we look at the bike tomorrow?

    I do know that people steal bikes, but is that how some of them go about doing it? Inspect bikes at people’s homes under the premise of buying them & come back to steal them at a later date? That is low if I do say so myself! :evil: (I’ll keep that in mind for when I sell the bike in a year or so.)
    We were thinking that if he’s riding it down, that we could take him off for coffee or something to give the bike time to cool down.

    Thanks FRZ600 & RXZ1200R. :) And Ashes of course! :)
  16. good luck tomororw raven wolfe
  17. Yeah. Particularly if they're looking for specific models. They might take it for a test ride, get a key cut for it, return the bike, wait a week or two then come back to aquire it....
  18. Thanks for your wishes IWannaBiggerBike! :D
  19. Really?!!!? :shock: The length some people go to.... (And I'm only calling them 'people' to be nice...) Doesn't give you much trust in humankind does it?
  20. So? How'd it go?

    this message is not too short