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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. You know, I just noticed that if people have received warnings they are attached to the Avatar and profile sign in.... Bond Girl for instance has three.... Sorry Bond Girl :LOL:

    1. So, what constitues are warning?

    2. How many warning before you are cicked out?

    3. Is every warning worth one point or are some worth 2 or more?
  2. LMAO, Man, you're pisser :p
  3. there like frequant flyer points , you trade them in once you get to 10 for a suprise :LOL:
  4. Can warnings be bought and sold?

    Maybe a sharemarket style system for warnings can be implemented. :D
  5. Fantastic! Hope it's something good like free booze! but I thought this was an exclusive club now it seems they'll let anyone in!
  6. 10?? TEN???
    I thought if you got caught 3 (That is THREE) times picking ya nose
    that was it......
    the great wrath of MOD....

    don't tell me I am wrong :shock:
  7. Not following the terms and conditions of the discussion board which everyone agreed to when signing-up. Refer https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2813 if you need to see them again. A warning may also be issued to habitual offenders that flaunt common decency or the general enjoyment of this discussion forum by everyone else.

    10 will generally get your forum logon disabled/deleted.

    It depends, but generally 1
  8. I see
    10 strikes and you are out....
    thank you Jason
    I stand corrected!
  9. What the sometimes humourless mods forget is that once you start spreading them around, everyone will want one :p . I feel all cool and "outlaw" now that I have one and hope to collect more soon :twisted: . I think they should be tradeable with those that need more or those that have none and feel left out. If you get 10 you should receive a netrider cap with "Hard Bastard" embroidered across it.

    *Removes tounge from cheek*

    Ah that's better. They got started when that troll Skydon/Bobby/Helmet was carrying on, not that they helped much so now we get stuck with them and they still really mean little. You get banned, you can get a new log in and hey presto, you can post again. I received mine for having the temerity to ask people who insult me to do so in person :roll: . I suppose they are something to talk about if nothing else.
  10. What do you mean by warnings?
  11. Scroll up Nemesis Jason has summed it up very succintly!
  12. Popularity isn't everything :) If they become a 'hot item' then we may decide to drop them to 3 and your out :p They won't be so highly sort after that I'm willing to bet :)

    All new forum registrations are inactive until approved - it's not just hey presto. A few new registrations get denied, primarily due to lack of valid email address or obvious duplicity.
  13. Hmm... interesting...
  14. I stand corrected, is that why we don't hear from a certain troll anymore?

    Just a thought, but the warnings should have an expiry date. Copping one or two then nothing for while/months/a year whatever, per se ,doesn't make you much of a troll/pain in the arse banning risk. BUT if we can redeem them for wonderful prises I'll hang on to mine :wink: .
  15. Just read the fine print . Be carefull . 5 warnings and u have to run around naked at coffee night .
  16. Hmm. So this board disapproves of people who flaunt decency, huh? Oh well. It's to be expected, I s'pose, from a bunch of indecent bikies......

  17. Bloody hell Dave I'm in if you can bring them lost lesbians of yours mate :LOL:
  18. I was under the impression ifyou sneezed or had an opinion you got a warning...
    Certainly looks that way..