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Warning to those without centrestands

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by hornet, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. I just called into my local serviceman, and sitting outside was a very downcast young man, with his black Hornet 250 inside. He was on the way back from a road trip from Essendon to Brisbane and back, but had checked his oil with the bike on the sidestand. It was about 2 litres over-full, and the plugs were fouled and ruined.

    The moral of the story? For him, and perhaps you too, buy yourself a paddock stand and use it all the time, especially when you are checking your oil!!!

    Incidentally, his name is Craig and I mentioned Netrider so you may see him at a coffee night in that area one day soon :).
  2. only way for plugs to foul from oil is through the crank case breather which goes into the airbox, then through the intake. usually happens from wheelies or when the bike is dropped. lucky it was only a light foul, and not a hydrolocked cylinder. he will need the change the air filter and clean the inside of the airbox and intake as well.

    2L over capacity is a lot. he was well meaning to top up his oil, but he should've been taught how to read the dipstick/sight glass. or checked his manual for recommended sump capacity.
  3. I'm sure my manual says to check it on the sidestand.

    I don't know how anyone could hold up the bike (Suzuki Across) vertical and check the sight window down near the right footpeg.

    In that case, filling while standing upright would result in the bike being underfilled which is also bad.
  4. 2litres! jeez my bike only takes 1.5l! :grin:
  5. Also a fine example of why doing your own servicing only saves you money if you actually know what you're doing ;).

    Incidentally a good way of getting a bike nearly level is to find something the right height to put under the sidestand. Just need to find a good balance between being upright enough to check the oil level, and being leaned over enough that it's not likely to topple on top of you (not something to try outdoors on a windy day).
  6. Sorry to burst your bubble, but plugs can also foul up from oil getting past the oil rings if... A: rings are worn or B : to much oil in the crankcase.
    Too much crankcase pressure or non functioning PCV valve will also allow oil to get in via the air intake system as you described.

  7. quite easily, considering that i hold my firestorm upright to check the oil on rides 193kg dry, it's alot easier then you think
  8. yeah you are correct. too much oil is also bad as the crank may aerate the oil.
  9. Um, I'd be checking that manual! With the bike held LEVEL check the oil.
  10. +1

    I couldn't imagine a manual saying to check it while on the side stand.

    And, yeah, it is possible to hold a bike level while you check it. It's certainly not as easy as a centre stand (or an assistant) but it is possible.
  11. Best way IMO, just get someone to hold it level for you, on a level surface. If you're that hard pressed to find someone to hold your bike upright for you for 20seconds while you check, quit reading this and get out there and make some friends! :p
  12. I'm with Hornet on this one, a rear stand is worth the investment. It allows you to do some servicing yourself, oil etc as well as easily lube the chain. My current ride has a center stand but I find the rear stand much easier to use.
  13. Buy a mechanics mirror.
    ie mirror on an extension stalk that can be angled so that you can check the oil while sitting on the bike.

    About $10, and well worthwhile.

    BIG Cruisers dont have centrestands.
  14. This thread should be re-titled "Warning to those without brains"
  15. +1, over filling the bike 2 liters, just from misreading it on the side stand is just :?
  16. I can hold the bike upright an see the level. You just gotta squat down kinda funny. Probably be easier with an assistant.

    also heres a quote from my service manual for my across

    "The engine oil level should be between the "L" and "F" level lines in the inspection window at all times whiles holding the motorcycle upright. Never operate the engine when the engine oil level is not between the "L" and "F" level lines."
  17. All I will say is READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL!!

    I ride a Triumph and the procedure for checking the oil is some what different than any other bike I have ever had.. also while using a rear stand (the one you put under the swing arm) it gives me WRONG readings... SO READ YOUR OWNER MANUALS CEAREFULLY!!
  18. Fixed