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Warning Signs on cages

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. I dont know about you guys, but there's stickers out there I see on cars which to me indicate DANGER DANGER! There seems to be a link between these stickers and p!ss poor driving, eg:

    No War
    Magic Happens

    I see these and avoid the car like the plague!

    What say you?

  2. Anything to do with booze in general and Bundaberg rum in particular.

    Anything to do with drugs. Whatever one's views on recreational drugs, putting stickers on your car that provide reasonable suspicion that you're comitting a criminal offence isn't smart.

    Anything that indicates an attitude problem. (eg Don't like my driving? Call 1800-F*CK YOU).

    Anything that boasts of reckless driving (eg Caution, Vehicle frequently sideways).

    Yes I am aware that those last two are meant to be tongue in cheek, but I don't think many of those displaying them are.

    Anything containing the word "feral".

    And, although it's not a sticker, a straw hat on the parcel shelf is almost as bad a sign as one on the driver's head.
  3. A Station wagon with "Child on Board" sign is a warning to me.
    there is an other one that often gets my atttention it is mainly found on large 4WDs it reads PORSCHE
  4. Yeah!! Apparently that sign gives you the right to drive like an oblivious moron!
  5. [​IMG]


    serious question: can someone tell me what the fark is the significance of the frangapani sticker?
  6. :LOL: Yep! In Perth these go hand-in-hand with Ocean Beach Hotel stickers. Teenage ute drivers who consistently have something to prove :roll: . Especially when they see your crappy 250 cc cruiser split through gaps they couldn't dream of driving their obnoxiously loud V8 through...

    the comment 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' was made in another thread, describes this kind of cage-rage perfectly :wink:
  7. I've got that one on my car!! :)

    Frangipani stickers?? That's a sign that (A) the driver is probably from the pacific islands or New Zealand and don't know the road rules or (8) the driver is under 25, female, blonde, and wearing bug-eye sunglasses... well at least in Ipswich
  8. Those little Christian fish things - anyone who truly believes in an afterlife obviously isn't going to be too worried about being in a crash.

    Also wary of "girly" hatchbacks, by which I mean those with stickers of flowers, pink playboy bunnies etc - especially if they have p-plates as well. Even worse if they're being driven by a guy.
  9. The 3 Deadly signs:
    - Volvo
    - 'P'
    - 'Senior xyz club'
  10. Anything with a big white sticker on the rear window. No matter what you ride (i.e. Postie), they'll want to drag you from the lights.
  11. My mate was bragging about how he beat this bike from the lights the other lights in his 300zx. After a series of questions I worked out it was a madass 125 :rofl:
  12. "Baby on Board" I find is usually referring to the driver!
  13. SS Utes with Jet Pilot stickers plastered all over their rear window. You move into the right lane because you want to turn right at the next set of lights and he floors it because your not allowed to overtake him...
  14. Ford utes with large Ford vinyl sticker on the back windowscreen.

    Holden utes with large Holden vinyl sticker on the back windowscreen.


  15. I hate to generalise but I have found the following to be true:

    Commodore + P plate = F@#%wit who will do the least sensible thing at the worst moment.

    Any car + 'Crazy B1tch' sticker = young chick on a mobile phone 90% of the time while driving who is only vaguely aware of other objects (cars, bikes etc) around them.

    Any car + 'Baby on board" thing....I just don't get the purpose of it?...I mean seriously, am I more likely to randomly smash into their car if they don't have it there? No. Are they just bragging that they can reproduce?? really...WTF? can anyone explain?

    4WD + South Yarra/Toorak = expect random lane changes and no turn signals at all..and very likely to stop randomly in the dead centre of the lane when near any shopping precinct.
  16. or a bloke driving a chick's car, and unfortunately, they do exist.. :p

    as for the Jesus fish thing... I saw one once, being chased by a "Hot Tuna" fish.. :eek:
  17. Or that they're one of the undercover cop cars on putty :wink:
  18. By some strange sense of cosmic irony, I have had to take avoiding action when cut off by a ute displaying

    'Motorcycle Aware Driver'

    and a few times I have been cut in on by cars displaying

    'Touched by the Road Toll'
  19. 'No Fat Chicks' sticker
  20. Was it along Pittwatter Rd? Was the rider wearing a helmet with horns? It may have been me. I have had a few idiots trying to race me in the madass and I just pretend to take it seriously.